Top HR Trends for 2018 (Part 3)

The top HR trends in any given year are important to follow. In 2018, the top HR trends will have a resonant effect on companies across the nation. As technology advances and management options expand, you need to keep your company one-step ahead of the curve. In response to this need, Total HR Management offers this comprehensive list of the latest HR trends that are going to play a role in the coming. Our awareness of these top HR trends helps us to provide better service for our clients, staying a step ahead of the competition. As always, our goal as a professional employer organization (PEO) is to provide our client companies with HR services that are both useful and affordable.

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Top HR Trends of 2018 in your Hand

Part 3 of this three-part article closes out the list of top HR trends by focusing on supporting and optimizing the employee experience at your company. Beyond recruiting and selecting the best talent in your industry, the following top HR trends will help you make your employees more valuable by improving their understanding of your business and improving their skill sets. By examining each of the top HR trends, we want to help our client companies develop an awareness of what could be coming down the line. After all, each of these changes can help a company continue to succeed moving forward.

Twelve 2018 HR Trends (9-12)

9) Shaping And Optimizing The Employee Experience

Technological advances in human resources management have provided the ability to track employees. Thus, HR managers can now figure out which internal strategies are working and which are not. Human resources in a company are about building an internal brand for your business that attracts and keeps the best employees. Rather than having to choose between the building of employee relationships and getting all the paperwork done, AI technologies can allow for both. Faster technological applications now allow for a more streamlined employee experience that can be shaped and optimized. Human Resources providers build internally conducive atmospheres for employees by bringing people and processes together.

10) Continuous Feedback Loop = Employee Growth

Annual reviews are quickly becoming a relic of the past. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least twice a week. Ongoing corrective feedback has proven to be more constructive than any form of feedback. Without direction, employees often get lost in minutiae. By allowing managers to use new technologies to keep track of employee productivity and processes, companies can increase the bottom line.  Regular and constructive feedback based on performance has been shown in research studies to be effective. HR providers can use analytical tools to help achieve optimum performance from every employee in an organization. Research also has also shown that employees prefer on-the-spot feedback, as long as it is constructive, over formal yearly reviews. In 2018, this trend that highlights ongoing feedback will continue to be adopted by companies in many industries.

11) Taking Advantage of Online Education and Learning Software

Like ongoing feedback, ongoing learning is a key HR trend in the ongoing optimization of the employee experience. Online educational resources and digital training through learning management software (LMS) give HR the ability to measure employee productivity by garnishing concrete data. LMS software widely used across multiple industries include SkyPrep and SkillPort. For example, SkillPort offers a full learning experience as a stand-alone learning platform, but it also can be easily integrated into existing business and IT systems. Such flexibility takes online education to the next level by merging what your business needs with the latest educational and training delivery tools.

12) Greater Focus on Technology Skills Development

Closely related to the previous trend, there will continue to be a greater focus in 2018 on technology skills development. Professional development technologies can be employed through company intranets, fostering transparent forums that connect employees and foster educational collaboration. In other words, you don’t have to leave your cubicle to receive training from someone on another floor. Instead, such training can be done online effectively without draining resources or wasting time. HR can use these tools to help every employee raise their level and maintain a comfort zone with the company’s latest technological platform.

2018 HR Trends = The Future Success of Your Company

By knowing 2018 HR trends, particularly about technology and how it can optimize the employee experience, you can help to ensure future success. Total HR Management is happy to support you in that process. Take the first step to keep up with the competition by calling (800) 975-5128. Allow us to help you succeed in a manner you envision.


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