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Bill Ukropina On Igniting A Culture Of Motivation In Your Company

At the most recent Leadership Luncheon on November 7th at the University Club in Pasadena, Bill Ukropina gave an inspiring talk on how to succeed in business. In his presentation entitled “Marketing Yourself on Steroids & How to Double or Triple Your Income,” Ukropina laid out an approach that HR professionals could take to install a culture of motivation in a company. Rather than delve into complex financial strategies or secret handshakes, the message offered by Ukropina was firmly lodged in basic principles of decorum, propriety and decency.

 Bill Ukropina on Marketing Yourself

culture of motivation, bill ukropina

Bill Ukropina Speaks at the University Club

By treating prospective clients and business contacts in the same manner you wish to be treated, the success that can be achieved is astonishing. However, Bill Ukropina points out that you must never be satisfied with your network and you must always work at expanding the reach of your contacts. Do you know the 100 most important contacts in your address book? Are you keeping in contact with them on a regular basis and updating the progress of your business? If not, you are being forgotten and failing to take advantage of the human resources you have developed over the course of your career.

According to Bill Ukropina, the heart of success is simply showing up early, staying late, and communicating directly with the people you wish to make an integral part of your ongoing business model. When a guy arrives late at an event, sits at the back with his office buddies, then leaves early, why is he complaining when he gets home that he got nothing out of the event and met nobody? When you give nothing, it is doubtful that you will receive anything in return.

 Creating A Culture Of Motivation

bill ukropina, culture of motivation

James Harwood & Bill Ukropina

Leading the way by displaying applied effort and energetic focus, you are bound to succeed. James Harwood of Total HR Management wondered how HR professionals could install such a culture of motivation in a company. The goal is to establish an ethos of success for employees from top to bottom. Appreciating how the question took his talk on individual success to the level of an entire business, Bill Ukropina expressed deep insight into what motivates employees when he said:

“People care more about being appreciated than an extra $100 in their paycheck at the end of the month. If you offer them rewards for demonstrating such success, I know they will respond. A positive incentive structure that recognizes achievement helps to foster a culture of motivation in a company.”

 Human Resources & Positive Applied Energy

Whether your market yourself or your company on steroids, a path to success can be achieved by focusing on the basics. The message of Bill Ukropina at the University Club in Pasadena is age-old, yet so often forgotten. By reminding the attendees how to apply their energy in a positive direction, Bill Ukropina revealed how the greatest human resources are revealed when we look at ourselves in the mirror and believe we can succeed by showing up each and every day.

Larry Comp Shows The Relationship Between Pay-For-Performance Compensation And Human Resources At The University Club

At the University Club in Pasadena, executive consultant Larry Comp revealed the intricate connection between human resources success and performance-based compensation in modern companies. As the current President of the University Club’s Board of Governors, James Harwood of Total HR Management has brought a series of engaging and valuable speakers to the Business Growth Workshop series in Pasadena. Larry Comp joined this impressive list when he spoke on the history of pay-for-performance (P4P) compensation plans.

larry comp, p4p, university club

Larry Comp on P4P Compensation

Larry Comp described how uncertain and vague bonus structures evolved into a dangerous reality in the majority of American businesses. Rather than inspiring employees, such bonus programs produced worry and fear like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. As played by Chevy Chase, rather than enjoy Christmas with his wacky family, all Clark Griswold can do is worry about whether or not his Christmas bonus will be big enough to cover the costs. As Larry Comp pointed out, such nervous fear only leads to less productive employees that tend to generate less profit.

As opposed to top-down goal setting where the managers set goals for their employees, executives needed to come to the understanding that bottom-up goal setting by well-trained employees leads to greater productivity and satisfaction. As a well-known method of human resources management, by taking the needs and perspectives of employees into consideration, the programs and plans you implement for your business will be better received by employees and better tailored to their specific needs.

When asked by James Harwood about the relationship between P4P and HR, Larry Comp proposed a powerful connection when he said, “Effective pay-for-performance programs positively impact an organization’s human resources management. These compensation programs improve organizational alignment, motivate the desired behavior, and help to retain an organization’s best performers.”

Larry Comp, James Harwood

Larry Comp & James Harwood

If companies want to improve employee performance by installing or revising a pay-for-performance program, Larry Comp expressed his belief that open book management is a necessity. Beyond providing security for employees, such management fosters a balance between the smart design of P4P compensation programs with effective execution. In other words, theory can only work when put into practice.

As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management knows the positive reality that most employees want to make a difference. If they are not given support through effective human resources management, such efforts are unlikely to happen. As Larry Comp illuminated at the latest Business Growth Workshop, effective employee compensation and bonus plans are two investments in human resources that can help bring about such positive and productive change.

Larry Comp at the University Club’s Business Growth Workshop on Friday, October 24 at 7:30am in Pasadena

larry-compBusiness Growth Workshop Series

Executive Compensation For Private Company Executives & Business Owners
A Presentation by Larry Comp
Friday October, 24th 2014
7:30am – 9:30 am

Breakfast will be provided
This is FREE to members of the Club, Non-Members $25
*New sessions will occur on the fourth Friday of every month*

  • Get the “biggest bang for your buck” from your largest/ most important investment
  • Understand how to position yourself in an “Employees” vs. “Employers” market
  • Learn how leaders are leveraging their base compensation programs to retain their most critical players
  • Drive the right performance and behavior through a carefully crafted/communicated bonus program
  • Determine where offering a Long-term Incentive Program makes sense
  • Select the right type of long-term incentive vehicle(s) based upon the market and your particular situation
  • Learn what’s “hot” and what’s not in the world of executive perquisites
  • Learn how to build capital for your owner and key executives
  • Comply with associated compensation-related legislation.

Larry Comp has led hundreds of performance-based compensation initiatives with 350+ leading organizations. He holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, has been accredited as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and recognized as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) A prior “Fortune 100” executive, Larry is co-author of the newly released book, “Executive Compensation for Private Company CEOs and Business Owners: Quick and Easy Tips to Help You Manage Your Largest Investment.”

For reservation please contact University Club by calling 626-793-5157 or by emailing
University Club of Pasadena
175 North Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

Kal Peters And Terry Lauter Comp Show Link Between Employee Engagement And Human Resources At The University Club

At the latest session of the Business Growth Workshops at the University Club in Pasadena, Kal Peters and Terry Lauter Comp revealed a fascinating link between igniting the modern workforce and human resources. As the organizer of the workshops, James Harwood of Total HR Management was pleased to see a real value placed on HR when it comes to sustaining and maintaining employee engagement. After all, effective HR management remains the alpha and the omega of employee connection and support.

Employee Engagement in the Workplace

james harwood, employee engagement

Kal Peters, James Harwood, Terry Lauter Comp

Peters and Lauter showed how the positive work engagement level of many employees significantly dropped after the recession. As a 2013 Harvard Business Review survey of top executives clearly demonstrated, however,  “creating a high level of employee engagement” is a central priority for any business leader. From the perspective of Total HR Management, sustaining and maintaining employee engagement levels must be an ongoing focus of effective human resources management.

When asked by James Harwood about the role of HR in employee engagement, Terry Lauter Comp explained her belief that, “With only 30% of the American workforce currently ‘engaged and inspired’ at work, we should all be highly motivated to partner with Human Resources professionals to unleash the power of the people who are now in the 70%.”

Engagement Drivers & HR Functions

Comp and Peters illustrated the importance of engagement drivers in motivating a modern workforce to excel beyond Microsoft Office competence. From the perspective of employees, engagement drivers are elements provided by employers that help to enhance engagement.

Such engagement drivers include the following HR functions:

  1. Regular feedback about performance and how to improve
  2. Training and development opportunities that promote growth
  3. Clearly defined job descriptions and employee handbooks
business growth workshop, employee engagement

Kal Peters Igniting The Workforce

A local recruiter at the session inquired whether employee engagement was not ultimately a recruitment and selection issue. Peters explained that even if employee engagement begins with recruitment and selection questions, it continues well beyond the hiring process. Peters thought it important not to minimize the importance of igniting the modern workforce on an ongoing basis when she said:

“Employee engagement isn’t the ‘flavor of the month’.  It’s a bottom line issue that impacts every business working to compete in the global economy.  Having an effective Human Resources team is a first step toward creating a healthy, high performance organization. Effective and strong Human Resources systems in place can make all the difference in the success of a business.”


Bill Ukropina at the next Leadership Luncheon at the University Club – Marketing Yourself On Steroids – November 7 at 11:30 am

Leadership Luncheon at the University Club in Pasadena

A Presentation by Bill Ukropina

on Friday November 7th 2014  11:30am – 1:30 pm

Year after year, Bill Ukropina continues to be one of the top producing commercial real estate professionals in the San Gabriel Valley. He has finished in the Top 2% nationally among 2,800 Coldwell Banker Commercial Brokers for six consecutive years from 2008-2013 and is presently ranked in the Top 1%. Bill Ukropina has spoken on the topic of “Marketing Yourself on Steroids & How to Double or Triple Your Income” throughout Southern California.

bill ukropina

Bill Ukropina

Bill Ukropina is one of the owners and Executive Vice President of Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance, which has 31 employees in Glendale. He has been a commercial real estate owner, broker and consultant since 1981. Bill Ukropina specializes in leasing and selling commercial properties along the 210 corridor in the San Gabriel Valley. He has sold and leased some of the largest commercial properties in the San Gabriel Valley, including the former 13.36 acres St. Luke Medical Center to Cal Tech and the 164,000 square foot Earthlink Headquarters Building in Pasadena. Bill has represented large corporations such as IBM, Metropolitan Life and Cogent Systems.

A family man married for over 30 years, Bill Ukropina has spent thousands of hours as a community volunteer, serving twice as President of Pasadena American Little League, six years on the AYSO Soccer Board and Coached 11 consecutive years, plus served on 3 city of Pasadena Commissions and Task Forces. Last June, Bill and his wife Linan were the lead sponsors of the Pasadena Cancer Support Community Event.

For reservation please contact University Club by calling 626-793-5157 or by emailing

University Club of Pasadena

175 North Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

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