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Five Steps To California Fair Pay Act Compliance In 2016

california fair pay act compliance

(Part 2 – How You Can Protect Your Company)

If you are wondering what California Fair Pay Act compliance means for your workplace, Total HR Management has a five-step strategy that can help. Mistakes in California Fair Pay Act compliance could lead to costly lawsuits with the new law heavily slanted towards employees. With the burden of proof on employers, California Fair Pay Act compliance is a business necessity in 2016 and beyond.

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An Introduction To California Fair Pay Act Compliance

fair pay act compliance

Ready for Fair Pay Act Compliance?

(Part 1 – Basic Information About The Fair Pay Act)

Is your California-based company ready for the challenges of Fair Pay Act compliance? On January 1, 2016, employers in California will be subject to one of the strictest and most aggressive equal pay laws in the country. As a professional employer organization (PEO), Total HR Management wants to ensure that our clients are in compliance with these new legal requirements before they go into effect. Fair Act Pay compliance involves a number of complex steps, and Total HR can help you navigate each one successfully.

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A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Answers A Question About Identity Theft And Paycheck Stubs

As a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), Total HR Management often answers and addresses questions submitted by clients and potential clients about human resources and a variety of employment issues.

PEO Answer To Identity Theft & Paycheck Stubs

Question: Employees in California are asking to stop including Social Security Numbers on paycheck stubs because they are concerned about identity theft issues. Can an employer remove the number altogether?

peo,professional employer organization, paycheck stubs,identity theft

PEO Advises On Identity Theft & Paychecks

Answer: In the past, California Labor Code Section 226 did require employers to provide employees with an accurate, itemized paycheck stub that included the employee’s name and Social Security Number. However, this section was amended in 2005 to address the increasing concern of identity theft. Employers now may include no more than the last four digits of an employee’s Social Security Number. If the rest of the Social Security Number is shown, it needs to be blacked out and non-identifiable.

As a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), Total HR Management points out that Social Security Numbers can be used only the last four digits are being shown. The rest of the Social Security Number should always be x’d out. For more information about how we can help you, please contact Total HR Management at (800) 975-5128 for an initial consultation.

Staci Smith Earns Certification as a Professional in Human Resources

Staci Smith, Human Resources Manager with La Crescenta based Total HR Management, recently earned certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

The certification, awarded by the HR Certification Institute, signifies that Staci possesses the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource management necessary to pass a rigorous examination demonstrating a mastery of the field.

“Certification as a human resource professional clearly demonstrates a commitment to personal excellence and to the human resource profession,” said Mary Power, CAE, Executive Director of the HR Certification Institute.

To become certified, an applicant must pass a comprehensive examination and demonstrate a strong background of professional human resource experience.

The HR Certification Institute is the credentialing body for human resource professionals and is affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest organization dedicated exclusively to the human resource profession. The Institute’s purpose is to promote the establishment of professional standards and to recognize professionals who meet those standards.

Human Resources Outsourcing Santa Clarita

With a successful business sector and a rapidly growing population, Santa Clarita is a notable example of a “boomburb”. While experiencing a rush of positive growth, the city has maintained its suburban character and high living standards. In fact, the FBI rates it as the sixth safest city in the United States with at least 100,000 inhabitants and Money magazine ranked Santa Clarita 18 in their top 100 places to live in 2006. On July 1, 2007, to offer new businesses tax incentives to operate inside the city, the industrial and commercial areas in northern and western Santa Clarita were zoned as a federally recognized Enterprise Zone. Presently, the Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone covers 97% of all commercial, business, and industrial zoned land within the City of Santa Clarita. Although this zoning allows local businesses to claim hiring, sales and use tax credits, starting a new business or growing a present business remains a challenge in the current economic climate. Total HR Management understands the challenges of a growing business and offers constructive solutions to make the vision of your company into a viable reality.

As a hands-on specialist in human resources outsourcing, Total HR Management has extensive experience and expertise helping companies save money and time. By helping business owners to focus on their bottom line, expanding their profit margins, Total HR provides companies in “boomburgs” like Santa Clarita the freedom to work on their business as opposed to in it. If you are new to HR outsourcing and you need more specific information, please contact Total HR and all of your questions will be addressed. By integrating your payroll needs, managing your benefit programs and administration, and offering the best in Workers’ Compensation solutions, Total HR will help to foster the success of your business.

Need EPLI Coverage? Consider our Share Liability Solution

Employment Practices and Liability Insurance is essential for any successful business. As a growing company in Santa Clarita, you may need to add or renew your EPLI Insurance in order to insure the future safety and security of your business. If this is the case, particularly if you are considering getting an EPLI Insurance policy for the first time, we would like to show you how we can help with our shared liability solutions. If want to know more, please call us at (800) 975-5128 or fill out our Consultation Form so we can have one of our Southern California-based staff contact you directly.

Looking for a Payroll Service? Why Not an Integrated Payroll Solution?

Total HR offers an integrated Payroll System in our package of first-rate services that fits well with the expanding needs of the Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone. Although payroll is only the beginning of an overall human resources solution, it is an essential starting point. In the current economic climate, reliable and efficient Payroll Services have become a necessity for the success of any growing business. Total HR offers different levels of Payroll Services to match the needs of your company. Our Integrated Payroll Service, including Payroll Plus and Payroll Premiere, allow your company to do more with less, providing the flexible services you need to continue to grow and expand your business.

Time to Shop for Workman’s Comp? Save Money with our Integrated Workers Compensation Solution!

As any successful business owner knows in Santa Clarita, a Workers’ Compensation problem can derail a company if the business is not properly covered. What begins as a minor issue can become a legal morass if your company’s Workers’ Compensation safety administration and claims management is not properly integrated. Total HR Management can save your company money with our Workers’ Compensation Programs that have been shown to provide the best in cost-effective and safety-conscious tools and services.

Health Insurance is Changing, We Can Help Your Business Navigate this Complex Terrain

With the growing number of complex changes in National and California Health Insurance Policies, it is essential for a successful business in Santa Clarita to keep current. In addition, the laws that revise these policies are continually changing and a growing business needs to have the latest up-to-date information. Luckily, the experts at Total HR Management make sure that our client companies have the latest information and stay ahead of the curve. The Cost-Effective Health Insurance Solution that Total HR can offer companies in Santa Clarita is part of a much larger and full-featured Benefits Program and effective management tools for business owners and their employees. The focus at Total Hr is to give you the best programs we can offer for the least amount of money across the board.

As your company in Santa Clarita continues to grow and expand, you need the freedom to work on your business and not in it. Total HR Management offers the Total HR Difference that ultimately will save you both time and money. If you want to learn more about the Total HR Difference, please call us at (800) 975-5128 or fill out our Consultation Form and one of our responsive and present staff members will contact you.

Finally, if you want to know more about Total HR from the clients that we have worked with over the years, check out the Success Stories on our website and listen to the voices of our clients. Like business owners working in the Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone, they are real people who found real answers with Total HR Management that save them money and helped their companies continue to grow and expand. After all, shouldn’t the ongoing success of your company reflect the “Boomburb” climate of Santa Clarita as a whole?

Dennis Bernstein is a seasoned business guide who creates perspective and inspires performance with leaders and key managers in the private, non profit and government sectors.


  • MBA, The Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University
  • BS, Woodbury University


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