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A Multistate Fair Pay Audit Is Today’s Smart Choice

In the 21st century, a multistate far pay audit has gone from being an option for business owners to a necessity. Many states, counties, and cities are in the process of either implementing or expanding fair pay laws. Such laws now include bans on salary history inquiries in the hiring process. The reason for this ban is that such questions fail to account for the traditional gender pay gap. If you are a multistate employer and the idea of staying in compliance with a complicated labyrinth of state and local laws seems overwhelming, Total HR Management can help with a multistate fair pay audit. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The Importance of a Fair Pay Audit

multistate fair pay audit

A Multistate Fair Pay Audit Protects Your Company

Beyond helping to equalize pay among male and female employees, a multistate fair pay audit also can help to keep your company in compliance with other state, county and city requirements. The key is to be proactive by conducting a regular multistate fair pay audit in advance. Total HR has found that making such changes in advance is much easier than paying unneeded fines and undergoing potential litigation down the line.

To begin with, a company’s management needs to be willing to rectify any existing pay gaps. Although such a step can involve salary increases for female employees, the financial hit tends to be much less than expected. In addition, such proactive raises can empower female employees, leading to a boost in overall morale and greater productivity.

Avoid Damage from Unique Laws

Your company needs to avoid financial damage from fair pay laws that are unique to certain locations. As certified professionals in human resources, the HR managers at Total HR keep track of fair pay updates and payroll processing shifts in cities, counties, and states across the country. Wherever your company works, a multistate fair pay audit be done by Total HR. We will cover any needed fair pay compliance issues in the present. Moreover, once you become a client, we also will keep your company up-to-date with any future multistate fair pay compliance needs.

We never want a client company to be damaged by unique laws that apply to their specific locale or even industry. Beyond knowing the details, our best practices policy also includes an initial federal analysis in a multistate fair pay audit. In such an analysis, we make sure your company’s pay practices are in line with the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These laws are enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Federal compliance comes first, then anything specific to a company’s multi-state locations and jurisdictions follows.

Federal Equal Pay Act Exceptions

The federal Equal Pay Act prohibits employers from paying workers of one sex less than the other for performing substantially the same job. Such equal pay exceptions can only be reconciled based on several traditional criteria. These criteria include the following:

  1. A company seniority system
  2. A clearly defined merit system
  3. Pay measured by the quantity or quality of production
  4. A differential based on a factor other than sex like technical expertise

A major problem is that equal pay exceptions under these criteria have been used in the past to enforce the traditional gender pay gap. Both the merit system and the seniority system can be difficult to quantify in certain business situations. California and several other states have done their best to close these loopholes. Total HR recommends closing them as well.

Specific Needs of A Multistate Fair Pay Audit

In particular, as an employer located in California, Total HR Management is well-aware of the specific state requirements that go well beyond federal regulations. Since the legal standard is broader, we make sure a company with California employees remains in compliance. For example, given the broader definition, California’s Fair Pay Act of 2016 requires fair pay for men and women who perform “substantially similar work, when viewed as a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility.”

Whenever Total HR works with a California-based company, our goal is to ensure compliance across the board. By handling the bureaucracy of payroll and other HR services, we lessen the pressure on your company, allowing business owners to get back to the basics. We want you to focus on the reason why you started or joined a company in the first place: being productive and increasing profits.

A Multistate Fair Pay Audit with Total HR

To go through a fair pay audit with Total HR, you first will need to contact us for a general HR audit. You also will need to have up-to-date and accurate employee and payroll data readily available. The different jobs in your business should be grouped together to do payroll comparisons. Such groupings usually are done by department. Furthermore, a fair pay audit can reveal disparities in company policies in regards to setting starting pay, calculating merit increases, and deciding upon promotions. In other words, more will be revealed.

If you want to know more about how a fair pay audit can help your company, contact Total HR Management today. Take the smart first step by calling (800) 975-5128 to set-up an HR audit.


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3 Keys To HR Outsourcing Success For Your Company

If you manage a large to mid-sized company that is looking for HR outsourcing success, Total HR Management wants to help you make the decision. Organizations often choose HR outsourcing options in order to reduce costs and minimize risks. Since the HR management options tend to be outside the organizations’ business expertise, HR outsourcing can deliver given expertise at a very reasonable cost.

hr outsourcing, he outsourcing success

HR Outsourcing Success

Unlike certain limited online variations of the HR outsourcing model, Total HR Management combines online access and functionality with a traditional brick & mortar business. As the testimonials on our website will express, our HR managers are always a phone call away. In addition, they often spend time on-site with our client companies both when problems arise, and when new updates need to be instituted.

When choosing an HR outsourcing company to work with, there are key factors that can contribute to HR outsourcing success.

3 Keys that should be highlighted:


Key #1 – Alignment with the Organization’s Strategy:

The HR outsourcing options must align with your organization’s overall strategy. If the need to outsource does not align with an organization’s strategic planning, it will not be seen as a valuable solution. Total HR Management focuses on learning about the culture and the business of your organization before offering an HR outsourcing package. Since we don’t believe in the one-size fits all mentality, we tailor our HR outsourcing options to meet the needs of your organization.

Key #2 – Effective Integration of HR Outsourcing Services:

Once a tailored HR outsourcing package is chosen, we make sure to provide the client company contacts with a good understanding of the proposed services and how they will work. Our HR managers are experts at helping to train client companies in taking full advantage of the new options, quickly and smoothly. Our goal is to help your company’s executives focus on the business of your business while gaining freedom from working in the bureaucracy of your business. From EPLI coverage to payroll processing, benefits administration to recruitment & selection, we will explain to your team how we will help and accomplish what is needed.

Key #3 – Track Record of Ongoing Monitoring:

As stated earlier, if you read the testimonials of Total HR’s client companies, time and time again you will hear from successful executives and business owners how grateful they are for the responsiveness of Total HR’s staff. By constantly monitoring our services we always make our client companies a priority, we help to prevent problems before they happen. When it comes to our services for our clients, we believe in prevention first.

If an unexpected problem does arise that needs to be addressed, your company’s HR Manager will respond quickly and effectively. If an outside vendor is needed to address the problem, our list of experts from lawyers to information technology experts is first-rate. We only work with vendors that we have personal experience with, and that we know to have the highest ratings. Addressing the needs and challenges of our clients is always our top priority.

Learn More About HR Outsourcing Success

To learn more about what Total HR Management can do for your company to achieve HR outsourcing success, please contact us today for a consultation. By learning about your business, we will be able to offer a tailored package of HR services to directly address your the needs of your organization. After all, the greater goal of our HR services is to save our clients the two most precious resources for any business: money and time.

Tracking Accruals – Vacation Time and Paid Time Off

Vacation time or PTO (paid time off) needs to be accurately tracked each payroll and paid out upon termination. Total HR has a couple ways to assist with the tracking of accruals.


Human Resources Tracking Accruals

If you use TimeForce:

Enter the applicable vacation days before payroll submission.

If you use summit web:

Enter the applicable vacation line item before payroll submission.

If we do not have your accrual policy information, balances, or assist with tracking them in our system, you should have an internal system to track the amount of days each employee is entitled to and has taken. If you do not do this now, Total HR can help. Reach out to your HR manager to develop the best vacation policy for your company and to answer any of your questions.

There are currently no laws requiring California employers to offer vacation or PTO.

However, if an employer does have an established policy, practice or agreement to provide paid vacation, then certain restrictions are placed on the employer as to how it fulfills its obligation to provide vacation pay:

  1. Under CA law, earned vacation time is consider wages, and vacation time is earned, or accrues as employees work. Even upon termination of employment, regardless of the reason, earned vacation time cannot be forfeited.
  2. An employer may place a reasonable cap on vacation benefits that prevents an employee from earning vacation over a certain amount of hours.
  3. If an employee takes more vacation time than they have accrued and goes into a negative balance, the company CANNOT retrieve these wages from the employee’s final check.

Total HR is here to help with this process and ensure you know the laws to protect your company.  If you have questions or are interested in learning more about accruals, feel free to reach out to your HR Manager.

This content was previously published as a part of a Total HR’s Client Newsletter.


Why Should Your Company Work With A Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

In the 21st century and in the wake of the recent recession, owning and running a business is more challenging than ever. While your core business remains your main priority, there seems to be so many other employment-related responsibilities that consume an employer’s focus. Employee benefits, healthcare reform, payroll processing and EPLI risk management are commonly referred to as administrative burdens for a reason. They are a time suck. Then again, hiring a full-time human resources director is expensive. What are the options and what are you supposed to do when it feels like you are caught between a rock and a hard place?

professional employer organization, hr, human resources, outsourcing

Managing Human Resources

Total HR Management is proud to offer the modern PEO solution to the age-old problems of effective human resources management. The bonus of working with a professional employer organization is that it allows you to be hands off when it come to all of those annoying administrative burdens. When partnering with Total HR Management, you enter into a tailored co-employment relationship. Co-employment is when the PEO performs the functions of the administrative employer and takes on certain liability responsibilities of the employer, allowing the client to focus on the actual work of their business. Why is the Total HR co-employment model tailored? The reason simply is we give your company what it needs; nothing more and nothing less.

There is a bevy of administrative tasks we can handle. These administrative tasks range from payroll processing and employee benefits administration to liability insurance and regulatory paperwork. Keeping up with the times, we also have become experts at navigating the complexities of healthcare reform and PPACA. If you already have an employee benefits solution, but your payroll processing and EPLI situation leaves something to be desired, these are the PEO functions that Total HR will cover. By offering a tailored solution, we work with you to diagnose the needs of your company and provide a services package that makes sense.

If you want to know more about how Total HR Management can potentially help your company as a professional employer organization, please contact us today by calling (800) 975-5128 or emailing our human resources outsourcing experts at



Cost-Effective and Time Saving Solutions for Your Human Resources Headaches

Many growing businesses owners have found that they can solve human resources headaches and obtain the best in EPLI coverage, benefits administration and payroll processing through a connection with a PEO that provides human resources outsourcing. An excellent alternative choice for any small to mid-sized business from a growing incorporated business to a small home business owner is to partner with a Professional Employer Organization like Total HR Management.


HR Headaches: Working In And Not On Your Business

Total HR usually takes primary responsibility for human resources, the liability of the company, so you can focus on your main tasks. By providing costly and time-rescue services when it comes to human resources management, Total HR streamlines the management of human resources to exploit opportunities for the full potential of employees. Companies engaged in the production or distribution of any product or service can benefit from the services of Total HR like doctors, hospitals, schools, banks, shops or factories.

As human resources experts with years of experience, the managers at Total HR handle the human resources functions of corporations of any size, but we focus primarily on small and mid-sized firms. To work with Total HR, you’ll have to fill out an application and supply a set-up fee that is quite inexpensive considering what it provides. Human resources outsourcing allows you the freedom to work on your business and not in your business, thus renewing your focus on productivity and profitability.


Positive HR Management Solutions

We will send a Total HR manager to help you choose a services package that is tailor designed for your needs. After signing a contract with Total HR, your workers will have to fill out employment and tax forms which will then be forwarded to us.  Total HR’s extended employee group provides you with more cost effective benefits programs and your employees more choice resulting in a more positive work environment.

Total HR Management understands the financial pressures of this challenging economy. We are ready to help take your company to the next level by providing you with the very best in human resources management. By providing the solution to a bevy of human resources headaches, Total HR Management provides our clients with the freedom to do what you do best — increase the bottom line. After all, isn’t that what being in business all about?

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