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Five HR Predictions About The Evolution Of Human Resources Management And HR Outsourcing In 2014

As the new year begins, Total HR Management offers 5 HR predictions about the ongoing evolution of human resources management in 2014. Given the recent predominance of technology and the growing influence of internet resources and mobile tools, these predictions focus on how such changes are affecting the HR outsourcing industry in both positive and negative ways.

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2014 HR Predictions

Although the positive push forward by the internet offers more options and greater flexibility, the same technological celebration is diminishing certain essential elements of human resources management and HR outsourcing. In line with other perspectives about the future of human resources, these 5 HR predictions reveal both a step in the right direction and a backlash that uncovers a desire to make sure the baby is not thrown out with the bathwater as change is embraced. In the end, human resources will always be about the human part as well as the resources needed.

5 HR Predictions For 2014

1) Mobile Apps Will Continue To Grow In Influence, But They Will Still Need An Experienced HR Professional To Be Properly Optimized

With the rising power and influence of mobile technology, it is not surprising that mobile apps for HR outsourcing solutions are growing in influence and power. What is important to realize is these apps and tools are only an extension of the craftsperson putting them to use. As a result, experienced HR outsourcing professionals will be able to do more when on site with client companies, but they will need to be the fingers optimizing the potential of these mobile apps.

2) There Will Be A Greater Reliance Of Recruitment And Selection On The Access Provided By Social Media Platforms

HR outsourcing professionals first resisted social media recruitment and selection options because theses options seemed limited to Facebook and Twitter. Although both platforms possess certain value, they pale in comparison to the recruitment and selection importance of LinkedIn and Google+. As business-oriented social media platforms continue to grow in influence, HR outsourcing professionals will need to rely on the access and precision available.

3) HR Outsourcing With A Human Face Will Rise Beyond The Faceless Offerings Of Internet-Based Solutions

Although all HR outsourcing companies need to employ internet solutions to modern human resources challenges like recruitment & selection and mobile access, it is not enough. The rise of HR options that rely only on the faceless offerings of internet-based solutions will falter in 2014. In contrast to such mass cookie-cutter approaches, the specific tailorings of HR outsourcing professionals with a direct and ongoing connection to the businesses of their clients will be favored.

4) Education And Training Options Will Experience A True Renewal As Specific Skills And Technological Expertise Become Necessities

When companies look to cut the overhead of their HR departments or staff members, they often reduce the resources directed at education and training. Given the rise of new technologies, such education and training will become a greater necessity both for HR outsourcing professionals and their client companies as well. In order to take advantage of the new mobile tools and remote opportunities, HR specialists will again be favored over HR generalists. Such specialists will need to have the specific skills and technological expertise required to succeed in the new HR arenas.

5) HR Data Will Move Off The Server And Into The Cloud

As cloud options for data storage become more reliable and cheaper to access, information technology specialists will shift company HR data off the server and into the cloud. Cloud storage is safer, ensuring data security and business continuity in the face of modern hacking and virus threats.

The Human In Human Resources

Total HR Management wants to emphasize the key point behind all of these 2014 HR predictions for human resources management and HR outsourcing. If 2014 is the year of HR technology, the backlash will be a desire for HR outsourcing professionals that also provide a human face and voice as opposed to the cookie-cutter internet-based offerings.

After all, beyond access to the latest tools and technological offerings, people will always need people. This is why it is called and will continue to be called human resources in 2014 and well beyond.

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Why Should Your Company Work With A Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

In the 21st century and in the wake of the recent recession, owning and running a business is more challenging than ever. While your core business remains your main priority, there seems to be so many other employment-related responsibilities that consume an employer’s focus. Employee benefits, healthcare reform, payroll processing and EPLI risk management are commonly referred to as administrative burdens for a reason. They are a time suck. Then again, hiring a full-time human resources director is expensive. What are the options and what are you supposed to do when it feels like you are caught between a rock and a hard place?

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Managing Human Resources

Total HR Management is proud to offer the modern PEO solution to the age-old problems of effective human resources management. The bonus of working with a professional employer organization is that it allows you to be hands off when it come to all of those annoying administrative burdens. When partnering with Total HR Management, you enter into a tailored co-employment relationship. Co-employment is when the PEO performs the functions of the administrative employer and takes on certain liability responsibilities of the employer, allowing the client to focus on the actual work of their business. Why is the Total HR co-employment model tailored? The reason simply is we give your company what it needs; nothing more and nothing less.

There is a bevy of administrative tasks we can handle. These administrative tasks range from payroll processing and employee benefits administration to liability insurance and regulatory paperwork. Keeping up with the times, we also have become experts at navigating the complexities of healthcare reform and PPACA. If you already have an employee benefits solution, but your payroll processing and EPLI situation leaves something to be desired, these are the PEO functions that Total HR will cover. By offering a tailored solution, we work with you to diagnose the needs of your company and provide a services package that makes sense.

If you want to know more about how Total HR Management can potentially help your company as a professional employer organization, please contact us today by calling (800) 975-5128 or emailing our human resources outsourcing experts at



HIPAA Increases Financial Penalties For Repeat Violations To Address Healthcare Data Breaches

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HIPAA Data Breach Penalties Increase

Since Total HR Management has many clients in healthcare and healthcare-related industries, we like to make sure our clients and potential clients are kept current on the latest HIPAA penalty updates. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) established a tiered penalty structure for data breach violations that has not been revised until now. The final HIPAA omnibus includes revisions to the penalties applied to each HIPAA data breach violation category. Section 160.404 refers to the amount of civil monetary penalty as administered under the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act.

New HIPAA Financial Penalty Structure:

Violation Type                                      Each Violation         Repeat Violations/year

Did Not Know                                        $100 – $50,000        $1,500,000

Reasonable Cause                                $1,000 – $50,000     $1,500,000

Willful Neglect – Corrected                  $10,000 – $50,000   $1,500,000

Willful Neglect – Not Corrected           $50,000             $1,500,000                          

One-time violations stay under $50k, but repeat violations within the same year can hold a fine of $1.5 million across all HIPAA violation categories, up substantially from the previous $250k minimum. The new penalty structure aligns with recent data from the Ponemon Institute that found recurring data breaches are increasing among respondents, with 45 percent (up from 29 percent in 2010) reporting more than five incidents in the last two years.

The average economic impact of a data breach has also increased by $400k to a total of $2.4 million since 2010. In addition to federal fines, investigation, legal, business downtime and decreased credibility all contribute to the economic loss suffered by businesses undergoing such data breaches. The increase in HIPAA violation fines is a direct response to the epidemic of repeat breaches and the rising costs to the healthcare industry.

HIPAA, Vendors & Contractors

What is essential to understand is that HIPAA’s standards and monetary penalties now apply to a wide range of healthcare vendors and their subcontractors. Even if you didn’t know you were violating HIPAA, you can still be penalized and charged accordingly. This means that if you support the healthcare industry or deal with patient data in any way, you should be up on the requirements of HIPAA to avoid significant government fees.

If you are worried about potential data breaches at your company and HIPAA violations, please contact Total HR Management today. We have the experience and the in-house vendors to help you ensure your data security and avoid HIPAA penalties for data breach violations. After all, your computer network and data banks has become a resource as critical as your emloyees.



100 Business Leaders At The University Club in Pasadena Watch Manny Medrano Deliver An Inspiring Speech On Leadership

On Friday, February 8, 2013, Manny Medrano delivered an inspiring speech on the qualities that make a great leader at the University Clun in Pasadena. As Chair of the Membership Committee, James Harwood of Total HR Management is proud to have helped bring Manny Medrano to the University Club. With 100 business leaders attending the packed luncheon, the event truly was a stirring success and a perfect example of why the University Club is an essential Pasadena institution.

Total HR Management, James Harwood

Business Leaders Introducing Themselves at the University Club

Before the luncheon and the speech by the former federal prosecutor, every attendee stood up and quickly explained who they were and the essence of their professions. It truly was a potpourri of Southern California entrepreneurial and business talent. As a leader in human resources outsourcing, Total HR Management is always impressed to experience first-hand the immense value present in their community.

Describing his storybook career path from a Texas barrio to Harvard yard, then the halls of Harvard law school to a 60-0 record as a federal prosecutor, Manny Medrano’s speech was a true balance of fascinating stories illuminating powerful lessons of leadership. His relentless prosecution of the Guadalajara cartel in the Enrique Camarena case led to a contract being placed on his own life. In a second blog about the speech, Total HR Management will illuminate the leadership lessons presented by Manny Medrano in his speech.

Manny Medrano, University Club

James Harwood & Suzanna De Rosa Of Total HR Management at The University Club

As a professional employer organization (PEO) and a human resources leader in Southern California, Total HR Management fully supports organizations like the University Club of Pasadena and events promoting business networking and connections. In his speech, Manny Medrano discussed how teamwork and symmetry are essential for the success of any organization. Afterwards, he told James Harwood, “HR is a critical part of the whole machine; the engine driving a company forward.” At Total HR Management, we could not have said it better ourselves.

Why Human Resources Outsourcing Makes Sense For Anyone Running A Business In The 21st Century?

Without question, running a business in the 21st Century is becoming more and more complex. Managing human resources has become an obstacle course of challenging bureaucracies and regulatory hurdles. Total HR Management believes from a combination of expertise and experience that working with a PEO for human resources outsourcing is the best option available for businesses across the board today. Furthermore, let us illuminate why Total HR is the PEO that makes the most sense for your company. For a 21st century business, human resources outsourcing is the most viable solution to maintain productivity and profitability.

Human Resources Outsourcing Makes Sense

With the National Healthcare Reform becoming federal law, Obamacare is no longer an idea but a living reality. The reality of Healthcare Reform makes everything that much more complex for business owners. Faced with the unknown bureaucracy of the state-run exchanges, small to mid-sized businesses find themselves under the gun. As Pat Cleary, President of the NAPEO, further explains: “The increasing complexity of workplace regulations makes the professional employer organization model very attractive to businesses of all sizes.” (NAPEO Press Release 11-11).

As Total HR Management understands, the complexities of today’s workplace regulations go well beyond the new requirements of the healthcare reforms. With a virtual swamp of both state and federal regulations to navigate, small to mid-sized business owners often feel lost in a human resources fog like a ship without a lighthouse. In such a morass, the best lighthouse available is a professional employer organization and the light is human resources outsourcing.

As for choosing Total HR Management, the reasons are clear and obvious. While the majority of Professional Employer Organizations provide only pre-packaged deals, Total HR Management tailors our solutions to work for the specific needs of your company. We don’t just offer solutions without a need. We provide you solutions and resources that work for the particular challenges and the actual context of your business.

The Total HR Outsourcing solution is “Nothing New, Just Easier”. We manage your human resources and offer you the best prices available for the services you needed, allowing you to focus on being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur means working on your business and not in your business. By helping our client companies do more with less while always being easily accessible and present, Total HR Management is the PEO solution that makes sense for your company. If you want to learn more, please contact Total HR Management by calling 800.975.5128 today.

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