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Total HR Management Selects HRPyramid From Davison Solutions To Benefit Clients With PEO Support

As a Professional Employer Organization based in both California and New York, Total HR Management has chosen the HRPyramid service of Davison Solutions to help expand client capabilities and increase productivity. As the leading provider of high-performance software solutions for Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), FW Davison & Company provides the human resources management solutions for improving Total HR’s capabilities when it comes to supporting client companies and worksite employees in more than 25 states.

HRPyramid Selected By Total HR Management


Offering payroll, HR, and benefit outsourcing solutions, specifically tailored to fit the needs of their company clients, Total HR Management provides the freedom for business owners to work on their business and not in their business. Still, as the marketplace becomes more competitive and customers more sophisticated, Total HR management experienced firsthand the challenges of employing multiple platforms with limited capabilities. Recognizing the need to evolve as new technology is introduced while positioning themselves for future growth, Total HR determined they would need a more efficient, integrated and flexible PEO operations platform.

By selecting Davison’s integrated cloud delivery platform HRPyramid, Total HR Management can leverage complex core functionality and multi-tenant architecture to facilitate a number of service offerings, including payroll processing, benefits administration, billing and receivables, client and employee self-service options, employee onboarding, enrollment services, and reporting needs. With HRPyramid in place, Total HR will be able to eliminate manual processes and offer a broader range of service options to clients while still delivering consistent and reliable customer service.

Cana Tighe on the Benefits of HRPyramid


A Positive Change Here Today!

Cana Tighe, Total HR’s Chief Operating Officer, explains the advantage of working with HRPyramid in place: “We feel with Davison we will be able to scale our business while still maintaining our core values. Davison provides a fully integrated platform that aligns with our desire for growth while still providing each of our clients a comprehensive, customizable solution.  In the past, we didn’t have the functionality to easily update employee information, which often led to delays and errors in processing. With Davison, the process is seamless because the data is shared in real-time and easily accessible from anywhere.”

Through HRPyramid’s self-service portal, the clients of Total HR will gain more flexibility in terms of reporting and communication. Both worksite managers and employees gain access to a user-friendly, online platform to make real-time updates to HR, payroll and benefits information. Set at a level of access customized to fit each client’s needs, the HRPyramid self-service portal automates many employee processes leading to increased productivity and fewer discrepancies.

The President of Davison Solutions on HRPyramid

“HRPyramid will make it easier for Total HR to accommodate growth while maintaining the high level of customer service they believe in,” said Gary Noke, president of FW Davison & Company. “By increasing productivity, lowering operating costs and improving client experience, Total HR will be able to bring on more clients with fewer resources.” At the onset of 2015, the notion of bringing in more business by providing first-class PEO & HR services while using fewer resources sounds like a great opportunity to Total HR Management: A win-win for both the company and its clients.



Human Resources And The Importance of Optimizing Employee Relations To Ensure Success

Optimizing employee relations often determine the success of a company. If employees understand their place in a company and where the company is going, employee relations can be optimized. Once an employee understands the macrocosm, they become invested in the microcosm of their own work and in the business as a whole.

Optimizing Employee Relations

Optimizing Employee Relations

Optimizing Employee Relations

Positive employee relations are not just a simple selling process. Instead, they are achieved through the establishment of an environment where there is trust and confidence being established. When management discusses new initiatives and goals, if the existing environment is positive, employees will contribute true effort and focus. The investment of employees in the overall success of the company is a key element in ensuring ongoing productivity.

Employee Relations & Employee Investment

Like other HR functions, employee relations can be managed by installing systems that are reliable and efficient. Up-to-date training manuals, effective feedback mechanisms and online portals for information delivery are three examples of such systems. Although less defined than other aspects of human resources, employee relations are not a mystery. The HR specialists at Total HR Management know how to support the managers at our client companies to help achieve and establish an ongoing standard of positive employee relations.

Improving Employee Relations Proficiency

To a certain degree, successful employee relations is the icing on the cake for almost every HR initiative, helping to smooth the way to HR innovation and acceptance. The best way to improve proficiency when it comes to employee relations is to spend a day away from the normal hustle and bustle of your own work. Instead, try to focus on the actual jobs and daily challenges of your employees. If you were in their position, what would you need to succeed? What is helping them be productive? What is preventing them from reaching their goals? What is putting a smile on their faces at work?  As an employee at your company, what kinds of things would encourage investment in the overall success of the business?

Professional Employer Organization Support

If you have a problem thinking through the concepts outlined above, then another approach could be to explore an employee relations matter with an HR professional. As a professional employment organization, Total HR Management helps our clients become better business owners. By optimizing employee relations, we help you help your employees work on the real goals of your business as opposed to getting caught in internal snares. PEO support can be the key in optimizing your company’s employee relations and helping to ensure the future success of your business.


Attorney Brian E Koegle Illuminates The 21st Century Human Resources Challenge Of Social Media In The Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace Challenges

At the August session of the ongoing Business Growth Workshop series at the University Club, employment and labor law attorney Brian E. Koegle explained the modern challenges presented by social media in the workplace. In an intriguing presentation entitled “Social Media in the Workplace – Tweets, Texts and Posts… oh my!” Brian E. Koegle informed the local business owners of the difficulties they could face if they stumble over one of the common mistakes pertaining to social media that employers are making.

Social Media In The Workplace Missteps

According to Brian E. Koegle, the three most common employer missteps when it comes to social media are as follows:

  1. Illegal background checks and hiring discrimination as a result
  2. Employee disclosure of trade secrets and proprietary content
  3. Unreasonable limitations on First Amendment speech rights

A major problem is that employers fail to establish social media best practices within and legal safeguards for their company that reflect the modern challenges. Despite major legal cases going against them in both state and federal courts, employers seem to be entrenched in an old-fashioned approach to radically new technology and social media in the workplace. Recognizing the importance of such challenges, Total HR Management offers human resources guidance to and employee handbook updates for our company clients in relation to social media and the Internet.

social media in the workplace

Brian E Koegle & James Harwood

Even with such safeguards in place, any attempts to keep employees from being unfairly critical in social media forums or even from disclosing company secrets on the Internet are quite difficult. Both Brian E. Koegle and Total HR Management recognize that such challenges go both ways. In terms of hiring new employees and performing background checks, Google searches and Facebook investigations are not tools that employers should be using on their own. If conflicting or damaging information is revealed, it actually could prove to be a bigger problem.

Human Resources & Social Media In The Workplace

When asked by James Harwood, the founder of Total HR Management, what he thought California companies should do in regards to the 21st Century HR challenges that are presented by social media in the workplace and the ever-present Internet access provided by Smartphone technology, Brian E. Koegle expressed the following:

“California employers need to educate themselves on the benefits and drawbacks of social media, and how employees are using (and sometimes misusing) technology in the workplace.  Federal and state legislators are quick to create new rules, which employers are expected to learn, understand and incorporate into their policies, procedures and handbooks.  Without competent counsel to guide them, employers are in serious danger of making costly errors – not intentionally, but simply because of a lack of understanding.”

Social Media In The Workplace Support

Whether the support comes from legal counsel or the help of HR professionals, such support has become a modern necessity. As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management delivers fully informed best practices to our client companies. Without a doubt, Brian E. Koegle’s presentation at the University Club presented a number of challenging issues and questions in regards to social media in the workplace. Once again, the ongoing Business Growth Workshop series proved a valuable resource for business owners in Pasadena and across all of Southern California.

Why Your Company Needs Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) To Ensure Business Continuity?

Commonly referred to as EPLI insurance, Employment Practices Liability Insurance is additional insurance coverage you can purchase to protect your company from lawsuits brought by a former, current or even future employee. In other words, Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help to ensure business continuity in an increasingly litigious business environment. The question often asked is: “Why does my company need EPLI insurance? I have never had such a problem in the past and I don’t think it will happen in the future.”

Hopefully, you are right and your company won’t ever need Employment Practices Liability Insurance to help settle a claim with an employee. If you do need it, however, and you don’t have EPLI insurance in place, your company could be in big trouble. Total HR Management has seen several successful businesses damaged beyond repair when employee lawsuits hit and no EPLI insurance was in place. The goal of effective human resources management is to avoid such unnecessary problems by allowing you to do what you do best; work on your business as opposed to being caught in the vise of internal problems that go hand-in-hand with any business in a complicated world.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance Claims

The type of claims that could be brought or alleged against you include all of the following:

  1. discrimination
  2. wrongful termination
  3. sexual harassment
  4. whistleblower retaliation
  5. compensation disputes
  6. employee claims of libel or slander

Most employers don’t realize that Employment Practices Liability Insurance can be extended to cover claims made by third parties such as customers and vendors. All EPLI policies cover the defense costs associated with a claim, however, there are exclusions in most policies in terms of insurance limits that need to be highlighted. Although EPLI insurance seems intimidating and confusing, Total HR Management has the experience needed to guide our clients through the intricacies of what they need to know.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance A Necessity

employment liability practices insurance, epli

Employment Practices Liability Insurance A Necessity

In a very litigious society, EPLI claims are becoming a growing trend. According to, the average out-of-court settlement for an EPLI claim is about $40,000. If the case actually goes to trial, the average award amount is $218,000, and nearly 10% of these cases can result in an award of more than $1,000,000. In addition, the average cost to defend a wrongful termination or employment case is about $45,000. If you do not have an EPLI policy and you are not independently wealthy, how could your company afford to stay in business after paying for the defense and the award?

The focus of Total HR Management is to make sure that none of our client companies ever have to face such a dark question. To learn more about getting EPLI insurance for your company and the advantages of human resources outsourcing, please contact Total HR Management by calling (800) 975-5128 or emailing our human resources outsourcing experts at

No Legal Advice Intended: This blog includes information about legal issues and legal questions.  Such materials are for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal developments. These informational materials are not intended, and should not be taken, as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to legal advice from your attorney or other professional legal services provider.


Human Resources Management, A Professional Employer Organization And The Success Of Your Business

Human resources management is often the point at which the success story of a business begins. Total HR Management has seen that the application of effective human resources (HR) in a business is the real capital that drives its success. By outsourcing your company’s human resources to a PEO (professional employer organization) like Total HR Management, you guarantee this quality administration while saving resources and reducing costs.

Human Resources functions have the maximum impact on the everyday existence of employees. The decisions and plans of HR can create jobs and reshuffle existing staff. The goals of HR can help ensure that employees are working at an optimum level for a maximum profit. HR has to keep up with changes in existing labor laws at both state and country level. Compliance with such laws gives a company good standing with authorities that could become real allies when future challenges arise.

Professional Employer Organization Reduces Costs

Total HR Management understands from years of experience as a PEO (professional employer organization) how to help manage employees to give a company an edge over competitors in an indirect fashion. Employees are happier and more effective when HR problems are prevented and the workplace runs smoothly. The effective management of HR helps wages, incentives and compensation to remain accurate and competitive.

At the same time, a major goal of HR management is employing the right persons for the right job profile. Effective recruitment and selection is an essential talent in the modern world. When there is a perfect match between skills and duties, then employees truly can perform at their optimum level. This often leads to quality work done in a shorter timeframe.

Beyond recruiting, retaining experienced employees cannot be ignored. Keeping attrition to the minimum through encouragement and incentives is a great way to retain staff. Total HR Management helps our client companies stay on top of these concerns by offering systems for employee feedback that update at regular intervals. Our goal is to provide our client companies with the opportunity to correct problems before they become liabilities and to prevent recurrence.

If the majority of the employees in your organization are satisfied with their job profiles and remuneration, then you have created a well-run company. As a PEO (professional employer organization), Total HR Management does not offer fairy tales or 100% perfection dream scenarios to our client companies. In contrast, we focus on the reality of your business, helping you to take your company to the next level of productivity and profitability.

Total HR Management Can Help Your Business As A PEO

Contact Total HR Management today to learn how a PEO (professional employer organization) can help you work on growing your business, thus avoiding the swamp of being lost in the bureaucracy of your business.

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