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Circling The Wagons With A PEO To Help Protect Your Company

protect your comany

PEO Support To Help Protect Your Company

If you are worried about how to protect your company moving forward, Total HR Management is not surprised. As a professional employer organization, Total HR understands when our client companies feel unsettled by constant changes in healthcare policy, benefits administration, and federal regulations. Given the ongoing implications of the Affordable Care Act and the coming administration change in Washington, many small to mid-sized companies are questioning what the future will bring.

Luckily, Total HR is able to reassure our client companies that regardless of the changes, we will be there to protect and support them. By working with us as either a PEO or a tailored HR outsourcing support company, you are able to circle the wagons and gain protection. One of our goals is to help shield your company from many external dangers that could potentially disrupt your business.

Protect Your Company Moving Forward

In the legends of the old west, wagon trains of settlers moving to fulfill their manifest destiny would often be attacked by hostiles. When under attack, the settlers would not protect themselves on their own. Rather, they would circle the wagons and find strength in numbers. By circling the wagons, they created a protective barrier on all sides from the external threats of local tribal warriors or bandits. The pioneers learned that by coming together, they greatly increased their chances for survival and success.

In the same fashion, by working with Total HR Management as a co-employer, you receive the protection both of our team’s human resources expertise and the negotiating power of a large pool of companies and their employees. Rather than being forced to negotiate benefit program rates as a small to mid-sized company, Total HR Management employs the greater pool of the employees of our client companies to negotiate the favorable rates that traditionally are only accessible to larger companies and huge corporations. Regardless of shifts in government policy and regulations, Total HR does everything it legally can to make sure that you can access the best deal possible when it comes to benefits administration and healthcare challenges.

HR Experts Help With Shifting Federal Regulations

The HR managers at Total HR Management are certified Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR) and Professionals in Human Resources (PHR). As a direct result, they have the experience and the expertise that your company needs when faced with changing times. Regardless of shifts in federal regulations or policies in light of the new administration coming into office in Washington, the HR managers will remain up-to-date. We make our client companies aware of any changes or shifts in advance to protect them from the turbulence of shifting tides. Regardless of what happens, our HR managers stay one step ahead of the curve to help ensure the safety and success of our client companies.

Ultimately, Total HR Management hopes that everything goes smoothly when it comes to any political transition. If policy changes or regulatory shifts do prove to be challenging, we are ready to make sure that they do not disrupt the ongoing success of your business. As a client company of Total HR, you can trust that the wagons of experience and expertise will be circled when needed. By working with us, your company will have a greater level of protection and financial leverage than you could ever have imagined in the past.

Total HR Management Can Help

Please take the first step and protect your company by calling Total HR Management at (800) 975-5128. By requesting an HR audit from experts in human resources and regulatory management, you will take a step in the right direction to ensure your company’s future safety and ongoing success.


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Five Reasons Why HR Outsourcing Makes Sense For Your Company

There are definitive reasons why HR outsourcing is chosen by so many small to mid-sized companies in today’s business environment. Rather than hear why Total HR Management believes your company should embrace the HR outsourcing PEO model, it makes sense to hear it from other business owners. After all, their business concerns and the challenges they have faced within their companies are a decent reflection of your own.

hr outsourcing

HR Outsourcing & Your Company

Helping Your Company

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of hundreds of companies about human resources management and HR outsourcing. You will see that what they discovered makes a lot of sense. Total HR Management want the opportunity to convince your executive team that HR outsourcing can save your company time and money.

Below are the five top reasons that companies outsource their human resources to a company like Total HR Management.

5 Principal Reasons To Choose HR Outsourcing

  1. 26% of companies outsource to save money, and this makes a lot of sense as well. What company doesn’t want to cut costs and increase profits by taking on a service that works?
  2. 23% of companies outsource to focus on strategy and business planning. Total HR Management helps our clients work on their business and not get lost in the administrative tasks of their business. Isn’t working on your business and for your clients the actual process that increases your profit margin?
  3. 22% of companies outsource to ensure compliance issues are covered. Since it is increasingly risky to not meet both state and federal requirements when it comes to compliance challenges across the board, outsourcing this risk is a smart choice that can help you avoid costly business headaches in the future.
  4. 18% of companies outsource to improve accuracy with payroll processing and benefits administration. By having a professional employer organization handle these HR functions, you no longer need to worry about all those distracting details.
  5. 18% of companies outsource due to a lack of experience in-house and a reluctance to pay the salary of a full-time HR manager. If you know your weaknesses, then you can optimize your strengths. Total HR Management knows you are the best at running your business. A big part of running a business is knowing when to hand off tasks that get in the way of the business of that business. Why allow the bureaucratic work, where you lack a necessary expertise, to consume tons of time.

HR Outsourcing Makes Sense

As a professional employer organization and human resources outsourcing company, Total HR Management’s number one goal is to help our clients succeed. You need to avoid compliance issues, and we help accomplish that objective. You need to keep your employees happy and productive, and we provide the benefits administration and clear employee handbooks to make that a reality. You need to make sure your company is safe from lawsuits, and we help by providing the protection of EPLI administration.

Total HR Management Can Help

When you need help, we are a phone call away. Your dedicated HR manager will learn about your business, listen to your concerns and address your company’s needs. Such a high-level of service is why so many are embracing HR outsourcing in the 21st century. Please contact Total HR Management today to learn why a PEO or HR outsourcing makes sense for your company.

Chase Morrison Reveals How Financial Planning And HR Infrastructure Can Help Business Owners

hr infrastructure

Chase Morrison on The Danger Zone

If you listen to your numbers, will you focus on improving HR infrastructure and better financial planning? In the latest of the ongoing Business Growth Workshop series at the University Club in Pasadena, Chase Morrison delivered an engaging presentation entitled, “Your Numbers Are Speaking, Are You Listening?”. A partner at B2B CFO, Chase Morrison explained companies need effective business metrics once the honeymoon phase post-start up is over and the organizational infrastructure takes over. A major problem is that even though the journey of most business owners seems predictable, the result always comes up as a bit of a surprise.

A major question is once the entrepreneurial Finders are replaced by the Minders, will a company be able to maintain what made it special and effective in the first place? A B2B Truism is that “Most Finders do not spend a lot of time methodically planning their business infrastructure.” This is why Minders become so important as the business grows, but they can damage a business by not maintaining the original energy and focus of the company. As a result, a company quickly enters into what Chase Morrison describes as “The Danger Zone.”

The Finder Vs Minder Solution Is Outsourcing

What is fascinating to Total HR Management is how much we agree with Chase Morrison’s solution to the Finder-Minder problem and the onset of The Danger Zone. Rather than try to change the Minders, he recommends bringing back the Finders while outsourcing the Minding functions like human resources. By allowing the Finders to focus on cash flow and developing tools to gain insight into the Value Proposition of their business, a company can restore the glow of its initial profitability.

CFO Practices & HR Infrastructure

A major goal of the human resources outsourcing model of Total HR Management is to give clients the freedom to work on their business and not in their business. Like Chase Morrison recommends, escape the danger zone by focusing on cash flow and leaving HR infrastructure to the professionals. When asked by Sarah Campbell, the Business Development Manager of Total HR Management, about the relation between his presentation and HR infrastructure as connected to a company’s business objectives, Chase Morrison provided an engaging answer:

“Many midsize businesses ignore the value of financial planning to their detriment. Organizations that take the time and resources to cascade financial plans/objectives from the highest level of the organization down to line supervisors ensure strategic intent flows from the C suite to the shop floor. With goal alignment up and down the organization, establishing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals by employee becomes a simple process.”

Chase Morrison Speaks With Total HR's Sarah Campbell

Chase Morrison Speaks With Total HR’s Business Development Manager Sarah Campbell

The SMART Goals Of HR Outsourcing

The SMART Goals of HR Outsourcing reflect the benchmarks and metrics that Chase Morrison expressed in his presentation at the University Club. By allowing business owners to do what they do best, Total HR Management helps to restore the focus on cash flow and client maintenance. To learn more about how Total HR Management can help your business, please (800) 975-5128 and ask for Sarah Campbell.


In Light of Healthcare Reform, Total HR Management Examines the Advantages of Outsourcing to a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

If you own a small business, it no longer matters whether you support or oppose national healthcare reform policies known as Obamacare. What matters now is how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is going to affect your business as many questions remain. Will you be forced to pay a fee to place your employees into state insurance exchanges that have yet to be established? Will this be more cost effective or will it lead to more bureaucratic hoops in terms of the quality of benefits offered? Total HR Management believes that ultimately it makes more sense to work with a PEO than rely on the unknowns of these impersonal and bureaucratic state based insurance exchanges.

Since the Supreme Court ruled that it is within the right of the federal government to require that most Americans have health insurance and businesses must provide the benefits, the choice is out of your hands. The new reforms carry penalties for employers who do not offer health insurance for their employees. The government claims that money will be saved for small companies through state based insurance exchanges that are going to act much like a pool for small businesses to get access to large group plans.

Will Healthcare Reform Be A Burden?

Will Healthcare Reform Be A Burden?

A criticism of PPACA is that it imposes a heavy “tax” on small businesses and their employees. Due to high broker fees, fixed administrative costs, and adverse selection, small businesses will have to pay up to 18 percent more per worker than large firms for the same health insurance policy. The response to this criticism is that small businesses will be able to purchase health insurance through a state-based insurance exchange that will allow them to choose among a multitude of plans. But will these state based insurance exchanges that have yet to be developed offer the alternatives promised? Or will they offer the bureaucracy and headaches that tend to go hand-in-hand with most government programs?

Total HR believes that these state based insurance exchanges will be less effective than working with a PEO. As business professionals, we can provide insurance plans that not only fulfill the new legal requirements, but provide the healthcare services desired by your employees. Total HR examines the needs and structure of our client companies, addresses their specific healthcare challenges and tailors solutions that make sense.

Within the law, we will deliver what you need at an affordable cost. In addition, we will always be one phone call away whenever a question arises or help is requested. Beyond offering a truly reliable human resources management team, Total HR Management is characterized by a reassuring smile and a trusted handshake to go along with our tailored healthcare programs. At a time when small to mid-sized businesses appear to be under siege, it makes sense to have quality human resources support in your corner. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Two-Year Global Study Reveals HR Outsourcing Is The Future And The Days Of Bloated Human Resources Departments Is Over

A two-year study released by Bersin & Associates in 2011 revealed that the days of bloated HR departments is ending and the new wave is a focus on HR outsourcing. Total HR Management agrees with the findings of this study because they reflect the experience and expertise of our senior management professionals. Bersin & Associates is a global provider of research in the fields of leadership development, talent acquisition, and human resources, and their findings are respected in the HR industry.

As the head of the study, Josh Bersin expressed “This research clearly shows that the days of bloated HR organizations focused on administrative tasks are over. Lean, technology-enabled, well-trained HR teams are able to take advantage of modern talent practices and partner with business leaders to drive impact.” The two-year global study examined HR effectiveness in a wide variety of organizations. The study found that the effectiveness of HR management has a significant impact on the performance of a company.

Human Resources Outsourcing Endorsed

Human Resources Outsourcing Endorsed

According to the study, the old model of HR departments as administrators is no longer effective.  Many small business HR departments have people in the role of HR who are not and never have been prepared to perform effectively in such a role. The responsibilities of a true HR manager require skills in and knowledge of modern technological advances, new social media challenges, talent acquisition, benefits programs, EPLI insurance and more. With advanced SPHR certifications from the HR Certification Institute and ongoing training, the senior human resources managers at Total HR Management have the experience to address all of the above issues and more in relation to human resources.

Total HR Management believes that if you are a president or a chief executive of a company and the findings of such a study bother you, it is time to take proactive action. After all, your company will not be able to afford to have these missing skill sets in the future. Luckily, Total HR Management has the hands-on and service-oriented experience to fill the void. Our goal is to help you work on your business and not get lost in your business. If you need help and a free consultation about what Total HR Management can do for your company, please contact us by calling 800.975.5128 today.

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