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Marion MacKenzie Pyle Provides Insight Into Effective Business Presentations At The Business Growth Workshop

At the latest Business Growth Workshop at the University Club in Pasadena, James Harwood of Total HR Management introduced an engaging talk by Marion MacKenzie Pyle on effective business presentations. As both a successful author and noted media trainer, Marion MacKenzie Pyle has extensive experience training professionals in how to effectively deliver business content while holding the attention of their audience. If you are able to hold their attention while actually persuading them as well, even going as far as potentially changing their minds, then you truly have been successful.

Effective Business Presentations in the 21st Century

Marion MacKenzie Pyle, Effective Business Presentations

Marion MacKenzie Pyle on Effective Business Presentations

Marion MacKenzie Pyle explained to the gathered audience of Pasadena business owners and executives, “When people are looking at their cellphones, you are losing the room.” With so much access at our fingertips and in our pockets, Marion MacKenzie Pyle described the difficulties of communicating in the modern world and the challenge of effective business presentations.

In the past, people developed their auditory skills to the point where they could follow the line of thought presented by a speaker. Today, in a visual world of social media and video, 83% of learning now happens through sight. With the average length of a person’s attention span dropping in the past decade from 12 minutes to a mere 5 minutes, a speaker needs to capture an audience’s attention within the first 15 seconds of a presentation.

Demographics Vs Psychographics

When it comes to effective business presentations, Marion MacKenzie Pyle strongly emphasized that a speaker needs to start strong and connect with their audience by expressing a combination of credibility and authenticity. Storytelling is very effective as well because it creates a visual image in the mind’s eye.

effective business presentations

Marion MacKenzie Pyle & James Harwood

Given the evolution of technology, the demographics (ethnicity, socio-economic background, age) about an audience are not as important as the psychographics. The psychographics include questions like what the audience wants and what they fear, where they stand on the issues being presented and what resistances they might have to the services a company is providing.

By tailoring a key message to the psychographics of an audience, supported by clear and concise information expressed through imagery, a speaker can truly succeed. If a speaker knows what they want to accomplish in a business presentation, then half the battle is already won. By avoiding the nice to know and highlighting the need to know, a speaker engages their audience on a level that builds trust and fosters recall.

 Effective Business Presentations & Human Resources

When asked by James Harwood about the connection between media training and human resources, Marion MacKenzie Pyle described how, “Effective messaging and presentations equip a company’s executive team with the ability to communicate the mission, goals and services of their business to their target markets.”

In the end, Marion MacKenzie Pyle wanted the audience to remember that not only are you as important as the message; you are the message. Once again, the Business Growth Workshop series at the University Club of Pasadena delivered a memorable morning.


Business Growth Workshop with Peter Stephan – 7/25/14

The University Club Presents:



Managing Business Success Through Tax Planning

with Peter Stephan

Founder of The Tax Resolution Institute


Peter Stephan on KTLA as The Tax Guru

Peter Stephan on KRLA as The Tax Guru

Friday, July 25th, 2014 from 7:30am to 9:30am

Breakfast Included


This is FREE EVENT for members of the University Club Non-Members Fee is $25


For reservations please call 626-793-5157

or email the


University Club of Pasadena 175 N. Oakland Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101

University Club of Pasadena Logo


About This Workshop

In this presentation, Peter Stephan will focus on managing business success through tax planning and minimalization. As companies grow in California, business owners often run into serious tax problems. Without the proper tax planning to handle payroll and income tax issues and minimization challenges, the IRS and the California Employment Development Department can wreak havoc on a small to mid-sized business as it grows. As a small to mid-sized business get their footing and expand, another tough question is what type of business designation to take in order to provide security, reduce liability and increase profits. From S corps to C corps, LLC’s to Partnerships, Peter Stephan will go through a laundry list of the do’s and the don’ts, helping the entrepreneurs at the Business Growth Workshop avoid unnecessary pitfalls. From strategies to reduce the take of Uncle Sam to properly dealing with entertainment deductions, from using retirement contributions to reduce tax liability to putting the “golden handcuffs” on your best employees, Peter Stephan will explain how business owners can grow without being penalized. Having helped numerous companies with tax planning services and started a dozen on his own, Peter Stephan supports business owners by helping them plan for growth by being fully aware of the tax challenges that come with success.

About Peter Stephan

As the founder of the Tax Resolution Institute, tax resolution specialist Peter Stephan has been helping business owners for over a quarter of a century. Approved by the State Bar of California and the Internal Revenue Service, Peter Stephan provides continuing professional education to Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. He is the author The Ultimate Tax Resolution Guide, a tax resolution manual for tax professionals. A Certified Public Accountant known as The Tax Resolution Guru at KRLA, Peter often appears on business shows and does media interviews on financial and tax topics.

Chuck Kiskaden Speaks About The Challenges Of The Affordable Care Act At The University Club’s Business Growth Workshop

On April 24, Chuck Kiskaden, the respected founder of the Health Benefits Advisors Insurance Agency, gave a presentation on Obamacare and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) at the latest Business Growth Workshop that had his audience engaged and talking. A powerful monthly educational and networking series at the University Club in Pasadena, the Business Growth Workshops are presented by James Harwood of Total HR Management. Month after month, the presentations have been impressive and valuable.

 Affordable Care Act Challenges

affordable care act

Chuck Kiskaden and the Web of the Affordable Care Act

In what easily was the most interactive workshop of the year, Chuck Kiskaden literally was fielding questions from slide one and they continued until the very end of his in-depth presentation. Revealing how much small and mid-sized business owners have been jarred by the new laws and regulations, the audience wanted answers and they wanted them now. Chuck Kiskaden did an amazing job balancing his presentation with the obvious needs of his audience for information.

 PEOs & The Affordable Care Act

As the head of a PEO that provides benefits options for many clients, James Harwood of Total HR Management was not surprised by the response. Providing such answers for his clients, James Harwood and his team at Total HR have done their best to relieve such worries. James Harwood asked Chuck Kiskaden if he would recommend that his clients worked with a PEO. Chuck Kiskaden’s response was heartening because it was so complimentary toward the work of Total HR Management. Chuck Kiskaden explained in detail:

 Chuck Kiskaden on Total HR & ACA

affordable care act

James Harwood & Chuck Kiskaden at the University Club

“Most small employers that do not have the luxury of a professional HR department, are beginning to look for options to keep them in compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s many confusing HR compliance challenges. Some employers are asking their insurance broker to recommend a business partner that can work with both the broker they rely on for risk avoidance and HR support in general.  Brokers are routinely recommending Total HR to be that partner for HR related issues by using the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services Total HR provides”

Business Growth Workshops

Once again, the Business Growth Workshop has proven to be a truly valuable service both for the University Club and for the small to mid-sized business owners and executives attending. As the new President of the Board of Governors, James Harwood is honored to bring the same excellence he delivers to his clients at Total HR Management to his service work at the University Club of Pasadena. With the insightful presentation by Chuck Kiskaden on the challenges of the Affordable Care Act, this track record of success continues to move forward.

Pasadena Now Reports On The February Business Growth Workshop Organized By James Harwood At The University Club Of Pasadena

Pasadena Now, the top online news source about happenings in Pasadena, reported on the February installment of the Business Growth Workshop series at the University Club that is organized by James Harwood of Total HR Management. In an article entitled “Executive Coach Tony Mulkern Explains How To Keep Firms Healthy”, the business section gave a glowing review of Tony Mulkern’s presentation and the value provided to the attending Pasadena business owners.

Pasadena Now Covering Business Growth Workshops

As the President Elect of the University Club’s Board of Governors and the current Membership Committee Chair, James Harwood is proud to give back to his community by being an integral part of such a historically valuable resource. It is even better that such events are being covered by Pasadena Now. Below is a picture of James Harwood with Tony Mulkern right before the success of the Tony’s February Business Growth Workshop presentation.

business growth workshop, university club, pasadena now

James Harwood & Tony Mulkern at the University Club

The Business Growth Workshops are taking place on the fourth Friday of every month in 2014. A wide spectrum of experts on business growth and handling the challenges of success are scheduled to present. As a staple of the Pasadena community, the University Club provides a diverse range of educational and entertaining events. These events are free for members and quite affordable for everyone else. To learn more, please contact the University Club of Pasadena by calling 626-793-5157 or by emailing



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