Success Story – Effective Health Systems

Effective Health Systems is a technology company that improves the operational efficiency of the insurance industry. Their BASELINE technology is able to eliminate 90% of the tasks that adjusters had to handle in the past. By having administrative tasks covered, adjusters are able to focus on each case so the right decision can be made.

Effective Health Systems technology has tripled the productivity of the adjusters and medical staffs that have adopted their technology. With their web-based tools, insurance companies have been able to cut their operating expenses by 60%. By leveraging technology, the company increases productivity. By letting technology take care of everything else, they let their clients do their best work.

At the beginning of the interview below, President James A Schlueter precisely described what distinguishes Effective Health Systems: “We come in and we put a technology in place that doesn’t require any new capital investment because it’s all web based. We integrate it with their existing systems and also with their existing vendor partnerships. We’re putting a platform together that makes everything work well together.”

Whether their client is a caregiver responding to the needs of an injured worker, an adjustor fielding a medical treatment request, a reviewer handling escalated claims, or a partner arranging approved protocol, the company provides a simple, intuitive web interface that simply works. The goal of Effective Health Systems is to “Streamline & Simplify but Maintain Quality & Integrity.”

It made perfect sense for such a company to embrace human resources outsourcing because Total HR Management does for Effective Health Systems what they do for other companies by allowing them to work on their business and not in the business.

President James A Schlueter:

1. Why did you decide to outsource your human resources? What was the reasoning behind the decision?

For me, as a sole employer, it just made sense. Working with Total HR lets me just focus on what I need to do for the business. With Effective Health Systems we have about 6 employees and 8 different contractors that we work with. I have a professional team who are smart, intelligent people, and they allow me to focus on building my business. But HR has always been a major expense. You know you can’t sell your way out of it. As a business, you have to do it. The bottom line is to be more productive. That’s what our technology does for our clients and that’s what Total HR Management’s services do for me. Total HR handles all of the administrative issues that would otherwise take a lot of my time. James took care of it. I chose Total HR because of that personal connection. Nothing is more annoying to me than getting a call from someone who I think was pushing burgers yesterday, trying to sell me HR Services and they don’t have a clue what it’s about. But they’re working for a large company and are treated like one of those burgers. James treats his employees well and the result is that Total HR delivers nothing less than quality.

2. Does California as a state pose any special considerations? It seems like everyone complains that California is especially burdensome to business people. Would that be a reason that people should also consider Total HR?

I don’t notice it because Total HR has taken care of all of those considerations for quite some time. It is a relief that all of the HR, all of the workers comp, all that headache stuff is handled with reliable expertise. When we decide that we need a new employee, I let James take care of the recruitment and hiring process. And he does. Since he’s a co-employer with me and he’s got the statutory responsibility, I don’t have to deal with it. If it doesn’t work it’s his problem, not mine. As a virtual company with employees all over California and in other states, there is a greater complexity to all of it that I don’t know I’d be able to do without James. You have to be sure that all the different jurisdictions are being covered correctly and that’s a lot of work. But Total HR handles it without a problem. By not getting me involved in such minutiae, they allow me to build my business.

3. Is there anything that surprised you in terms of working with Total HR? Something you didn’t expect?

Total HR puts on a number of valuable seminars about business and educational issues. That’s something I did not expect. And they tend to be centrally located and that provides access for my staff. That’s a service that I would expect maybe from a large company but on my own I would not have taken the time nor invested the resources to do that. James has done that as part of what we’re doing. The other thing, as a virtual company, we don’t have a central office. James has been able to help me when we need to have staff meetings. We’re able to access the resources he has through the universities and organizations that he belongs to. That’s a pleasant surprise to have such a resource.

4. Would you recommend Total HR to businesses?

Yes, I would, and I already have. Some of my initial consulting arrangements, I have worked with companies that were having HR problems. Because of my relationship with James and Total HR, I brought him in to provide that solution. I saw James work. He’s very intelligent, very professional. His team is also very solid. Total HR gets the job done. That was something I could depend on and that was something I was happy to recommend. Outsourcing of the non-core procedures is exactly what you need to do to be effective and profitable in today’s economy. That’s really what my company does as well so I know the value of the service. And Total HR provides a service that has helped my business to grow in a competitive economy. When I’m out there talking to clients, I talk about all the things that I’ve outsourced and how that let’s my company focus on what our core business is and that’s what needs to be done.