Three Mistaken Reasons Small Business Owners Resist PEO Support

Why do so many small business owners resist PEO support for their companies? In the majority of cases, working with a professional employer organization is a viable solution that solves numerous HR challenges and problems.  Nevertheless, these small business owners have entrenched objections to working with a PEO. A major issue, however, is that their mistaken reasons for rejecting PEO support often hurt, rather than help their business.

PEO Support Helps Small Business Owners

PEO Support

Small Business Owners Resist PEO Support

As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management has battled adverse implications of the word “outsourcing” for many years. Unlike negative versions of outsourcing that take jobs away from American workers and hurt the economy, HR outsourcing is the exact opposite. Rather than taking away jobs, HR outsourcing helps small businesses to grow as the business owners suddenly find the time to focus on their bottom line. With PEO support, rather than working in their business, they can work on their business, doing what they do best.

Over the course of growing our business and taking on client companies, Total HR Management has heard the same mistaken objections from small business owners time and time again. Rather than being taken aback by such objections, we have proactive responses that show why the resistance to PEO support is based on incorrect assumptions. Once the problematic logic is revealed and an alternative perspective is provided, the resistance melts away. Many of the companies on our current PEO and HR outsourcing services roster initially resisted working with Total HR based on the objections outlined below. Today, these companies are satisfied clients that have seen their profit margins grow.

Three Mistaken Reasons Not To Access PEO Support

1. “We don’t need all of those services.”

Unlike many professional employer organizations, Total HR does not offer the same package for every business. Rather, we tailor our HR services to meet the specific needs of our client companies. If your company already has a long-term payroll provider with a positive track record, then we don’t offer our payroll services as part of the package. However, we still provide access to excellent benefits administration offerings and EPLI services if that is what’s missing from your small business HR package. In other words, we tailor our services package to reflect the needs of your company.

2. “We’re too small to work with a PEO.”

This mistaken reason for rejecting PEO support is all too common. Some small business owners think they are too small to work with a professional employer organization. They believe that since they are not a bigger client, they will be treated like a second-class citizen by the PEO. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to working with Total HR Management. Even if your business has less than ten employees, we are happy to work with you and provide the same quality services that we provide to our larger clients. If you are worried about not being able to access quality benefits administration and EPLI coverage, there is no need to stress. A smart PEO will make you part of the greater employee pool, giving you the same options and the same service opportunities as the rest of the company clients on the PEO roster.

2. “I’m scared of losing control of my business.”

The last thing that Total HR Management wants to do with any of our company clients is to take control of their companies. In truth, our goal is to empower the business owners that we work with by giving them the freedom to do what they do best. We want to handle the tedious HR bureaucracy while you focus on growing your business. Ultimately, every HR decision being made will be approved in advance by you. In fact, no aspect of the daily functioning of your business will be hijacked by a PEO.  For example, although we can offer PEO support, both the hiring and termination of employees will always be under your umbrella. When it comes to your business, you will control your company. PEO support is designed to make that process easier and smoother for you. The only thing you will lose is all those wasted hours you spent trying to manage everything on your own.

Total HR Management Offers PEO Support

We understand the needs of small business owners. We provide PEO support to help your small business succeed. By taking care of the HR functions and putting that tedious work in the hands of experienced professionals, you gain the time to work on your business. At the same time, you will know that regulatory compliance and the administration of human resources is being expertly covered. Don’t let mistaken reasons keep you from accessing the PEO support you need. To learn how we can help your small business succeed, please call (800) 975-5128 today.


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