PEO Professional Employer Organization

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a service arrangement under which a client employer can outsource HR (human resources) functions and various employee management tasks. These tasks include HR management, employee benefits programs and administration, payroll processing, workers’ compensation, recruitment and selection, employment practices liability, risk/safety management, and multi-employer 401k plans.

Advantages of the PEO Option

Total HR Management’s PEO program is specifically tailored to fit the needs of your business. By helping you do more with less, the goal of our PEO and HR outsourcing program is to let you focus on the core mission of your company. We focus on what we do best – HR, while you focus on what you do best!

According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, small businesses that use PEOs grow 7-9 percent faster, have employee turnover that is 23-32 percent lower, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business than companies that don’t use PEOs.

Co-Employer In Terms Of Risk & Management

The Shared Employment Model

The PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Solution from Total HR allows us to become the “co-employer” of your employees, assuming responsibility for an extensive variety of time-consuming administrative tasks. As you continue to make day-to-day operational decisions, Total HR administers comprehensive human resources management. With our PEO Solutions, you can avoid the bureaucratic hassles and attend to the vital need of expanding future business opportunities. You started your company in order to sell a product or provide a service. Total HR provides you with the freedom to do what you do best: run your business productively and increase your organization’s productivity and profit.

You will discover that you actually gain more control over your company because you are freed from the burden of human resources administration. At the same time, you access quality employee benefits that enhance productivity and increase employee loyalty, helping you retain and recruit the best in your field.

The Total HR PEO Solution includes the following services:

Human Resources
Workers’ Compensation
Employee Benefits
Benefits Administration
Payroll & Tax Services
Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Multiple Employer Plans

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