Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation (ASO)

Workplace injuries are an inevitable reality of any business – no matter how well prepared you are, how much training you provide or however many precautions you may take. Insurance is not enough. Total HR Management can help ensure that you will be fully prepared and ready whenever injuries occur. We provide a full menu of Worker’s Compensation programs designed to help your employees recover and get back on the job as quickly as possible, with minimum cost and inconvenience to your business and its staff. Total HR Management ensures you remain in full compliance with all governmental regulations and reporting requirements, while minimizing your exposure to liability.

Total HR provides comprehensive workers compensation program support including:

Workers’ Compensation (ASO)
  • Procure workers’ compensation insurance coverage
  • Certificates of insurance
  • OSHA reporting assistance
  • Effective Claims Management
  • Pre-injury management assessment
  • Telephone claims reporting
  • Clinic selection assistance
  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Incident investigations
  • Investigation of questionable claims
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Claim negotiation to closure

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