Real People at Work for you
You need more than Technology when Managing your Workforce

Real HR management is more than an automated payroll system. You need a comprehensive set of services that can help you untangle the regulatory burden of being an employer and get your focused on building your business. You need to have a team of people with the administrative resources like Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, Retirement Programs, EPLI Insurance, Recruitment Services, Risk Management and the HR experience you can only get with a certified HR professional. Total HR consolidates your vendors, offers quality insurance and benefits programs and provide on-site HR support. That’s right on-site HR support, not a phone call, not an HR library with stock answers, a certified HR professional that works with your management team to find the very best solutions.

Simplify your business processes and provide the human touch needed to effectively manage HR by calling Total HR today. Please click below to learn more about our services.