Four Strategies For Retaining Top Tech Talent

In the 21st century, finding and retaining top tech talent for your company is no longer an option, but a necessity for staying competitive. Whether its desktop support staff or information technology specialists, Total HR Management believes your company needs to access quality tech personnel to ensure future success. As a result, below are four strategies for making sure that you retain the best tech talent once you find them.

Retaining Top Tech Talent

4 Strategies to Help Your Company Succeed

1) Make Sure The Fit Is Right

retaining top tech talent

The Goal of Retaining Top Tech Talent

You need to make sure that you are matching the requirements of the position your company is filling with both the skills and goals of the employee being hired. The stronger the match between the job requirements and the employee’s skills, goals and values, the more likely it is that the employee will want to stay. Tech employees want to continue to develop their skill sets, so any job requires them to have the room to grow and continue to professionally evolve.

Consultancy firms have found that tech professionals tend to have more loyalty to their career and personal development than the company that employs them. This impulse is why the initial fit needs to be right. Information technology workers tend to stay longer at a job and perform better when they feel they can ‘own’ their work. By giving your tech talent the ability to match the job to their long-term goals, you can acquire not only the right employee for the initial job but a long-term employee that will continue to grow with your company.

2) Emphasize Comprehensive Onboarding

By emphasizing a comprehensive onboarding process, you enable the best tech talent to feel comfortable in a new environment. Right off the bat, they need to know the challenges being faced. To know these challenges, the need to be made aware of the extent of the technology already in place.

Moreover, recent studies show that new employees determine within the first few months of work whether or not they are happy with their employment decision. By engaging new employees in the company culture and revealing your business infrastructure from day one you will give the best tech talent the tools they need to suspect. In the long run, success greatly improves a new employee’s prospects for staying.

3) Develop a Green Strategy

The best tech employees from both Generation Y and the Millennials believe in sustainability. As a result, they are attracted to companies that have a green strategy in the workplace. Since these younger generations often have the most experience with cutting-edge technologies, they need to be both recruited and retained. Thus, retaining top tech talent goes hand-in-hand with developing a green strategy in your office and your company.

Many older executives curdle at the thought that employers need to demonstrate a social and environmental conscience. It simply was never a part of their business playbook in the past. However, Total HR Management has found that developing green strategies tend to be cost-effective and beneficial to office morale. Healthy approaches lead to healthy lifestyles, and healthy lifestyles increase productivity. It doesn’t make sense for any company to profit at the expense of the planet, the community, and their employees. Although it seems against the grain of the obvious, retaining top tech talent goes in concert with fostering this environmental greater awareness.

4) Reduce Employee Burnout

In today’s rapid-fire IT work environments, stress levels can skyrocket out of control as employees struggle to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. As a result, employee burnout happens all too often, leading to employee turnover. By evaluating your company’s project management and organizational approaches, you can make sure to ensure a healthy work-life balance for your employees.

A key to retaining top tech talent is to lower stress and lighten workloads. After all, tech employees tend to overwork themselves given a history of math and science pursuits. Your company needs to allow your top tech talent to flourish by not overworking them and burning them out.

Total HR Management Can Help

Total HR understands the importance of retaining top tech talent. By having your HR needs effectively administered and serviced by our professional HR managers, you will gain an added edge. Expertise in retaining top tech talent is just one of the many services we offer. To learn more, please contact us by calling (800) 975-5128 today. Our HR managers are here to help your company succeed.


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