Three Strategies for Recruitment and Selection in an Age of New Technologies

For virtually all companies in the competitive 21st-century marketplace, an effective approach to recruitment and selection is of paramount importance. As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management focuses on helping our client companies develop recruitment and selection strategies that lead to the very best employee roster while removing the threat of misunderstandings and potential liability.

The key to modern recruitment and selection strategies is to control expectations. Through the use of modern technologies, extra steps can be added to the process before an in-person interview becomes necessary. Such steps save time while also tempering a recruit’s expectations. Such a process helps your staffing team learn whether or not a new recruit is a right fit for your company.

Intelligent Recruitment and Selection Strategies

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Recruitment and Selection New Technologies

By taking advantage of intelligent recruitment and selection strategies, you can help your company succeed moving forward. Although staffing approaches are as old as the launch of the first business before recorded time, modern technology has added new layers to the old. Suddenly, much can be learned before an in-person interview is necessary.

By avoiding presence before you know whether or not a recruit is a serious candidate for a potential position, you also avoid wasting time and generating potential liability by raising hopes. After all, a disgruntled potential employee that fails to get a position can be a wild card. There is no need to take a chance on such a card if it can be filtered before the game begins.

Recruitment and Selection Strategies that Work

1) Online Assessments

Cognitive aptitude tests help measure a candidate’s ability to solve problems, apply information, and think critically. Such assessments can happen at the beginning of the interview process. By requesting a candidate do such an assessment before they come in for an in-person interview, you can gauge how serious they are about the position.

2) Video Interviews

Video interviews are becoming more common as people recruit, both nationally and globally. Often, there is no budget to meet face-to-face beyond on the computer. Video interviews should not replace in-person interviews, but they can help to create the atmosphere for the online assessments and filter out weaker candidates.

Indeed, these steps help to put off an in-person interview and filter out numerous candidates in the recruitment and selection process. However, a company still can be faced with numerous qualified candidates that do well in in-person interviews. How can you tell which one is right for the job? If the position is truly desirable and the competition is stiff, then a job audition is not a bad idea. Job auditions are becoming more and more common.

3) Job Auditions

Job auditions should not be unpaid. You don’t want to take the chance of violating any of the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). By paying a reasonable fee, you can see the candidate in action. Indeed, such a realistic job preview often tells you so much more than a job interview. New technologies allow for much greater interaction during such job auditions.

As a result, such a job audition should include a certain degree of interaction. Through this back and forth, both your company and the candidate can develop a real sense of what the employment relationship would be like moving forward. You also can see if a new recruit is up-to-speed when it comes to the latest technologies in your industry.

As the business world changes and new technologies continue to rapidly evolve, recruitment and selection processes will continue to change. Doesn’t this make sense?  After all, technology is supporting businesses in ways that our ancestors could never imagine. By slowly installing using these technologies into classic traditions like staffing, your company can stay on the recruitment and selection cutting edge.

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