3 Strategies To Optimize Recruitment And Selection In Today’s Competitive U.S. Job Market

Despite the ups and downs at the beginning of 2015, the process of Recruitment and Selection is more important than ever as the job market in the United States is picking up.

recruitment and selection

Recruitment and Selection

At the beginning of June, the Labor Department reported that employers added 280,000 jobs in May. Given the new competition in the job market, it’s essential for employers to be able to optimize their Recruitment and Selection processes in order to succeed in hiring and retaining the best employees.

As experts in providing Recruitment and Selection services for our client companies, Total HR Management offers three ways to improve your company’s chances at succeeding in today’s competitive job market. With the quality of the labor pool getting smaller and wages increasing, your company needs to have a definitive edge when it comes to filling in your employee roster. The goal is to keep your company both profitable and productive in a more challenging economic climate.

3 Strategies To Optimize Recruitment And Selection


  1. Hone The Recruitment And Selection Process

When it comes to honing the recruitment and selection process, precision is the key that must be used to bring the best applicants to your company. With the experience of owning and operating a staffing business, Total HR Management knows how to optimize the Recruitment and Selection process. We can help your company hone the recruiting process to ensure you are not only finding, but also attracting top talent in your field. Ultimately, the focus needs to be on quality over quantity of applicants. 3 capable applicants are so much better than 10 mediocre ones that waste your time and money.

  1. Access Both Expert And Employee Referrals

When it comes to finding the best candidates for a position in your company, it’s important to go beyond the normative methodologies these days and access more help. First, by working with a professional employer organization like Total HR Management, you can access the very best in Recruitment and Selection expertise. Our HR staffing managers have experience in both temporary staffing and full-time recruitment and selection.

Another proven method of sourcing high-quality job candidates is the use of an employee referral program. Current employees understand the needs of your company and the industry in general. They also have contacts within the industry, making them great resources to refer employees to a company. A financial incentive paid to the referrer after the probationary employment period ends can be offered as a best practice that provides motivation.

  1. Be The Work Destination The Best Candidates Desire

To begin with, employers should conduct a salary survey to provide an accurate benchmark of the market compared to the company’s current salaries. Competitive salaries are an important starting point in being a desired destination for the best candidates. What’s important to understand is that salary is just one aspect of what makes a company an attractive place to work. Candidates will also evaluate the company’s contribution to employee benefits such as medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, and 401(k).

As a provider of employee benefits administration and packages within the professional employer organization model, Total HR Management can help improve your company’s profile. By providing a candidate with an offer that includes total compensation (salary, incentive/bonus and employer insurance contributions), you will clearly demonstrate your company’s complete financial commitment to the candidate.

To learn more about how Total HR Management can help your company with Recruitment and Selection as well as employee retention best practices, please contact us today.


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