PEO Support — Is Recruitment and Selection the Answer to Healthcare Attrition?

Today, we address the HR challenge of healthcare attrition in the 21st century. In the ongoing PEO Support series, Total HR Management asks the tough questions that managers and business owners answer on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide constructive and supportive answers based on years of experience of working with our clients. Employers face challenges, and Total HR is here to help.

Healthcare attrition has become a major HR problem for healthcare providers and medical offices in the 21st century. Attrition from the healthcare workforce leads to a shortage of health workers. Such critical shortages affect both the microcosm and the macrocosm. First, healthcare attrition can hurt a medical office, resulting in a lack of qualified employees. Overtime hours become stretched to the limit, reducing positive healthcare outcomes. Second, from a larger perspective, healthcare attrition can be a barrier to the United States reaching universal health coverage and equity goals. Worldwide, a healthcare study reveals that “recent analysis from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030.”

Addressing The Healthcare Attrition Problem

healthcare attrition

Overcome the Reality of Healthcare Attrition

A major problem is that healthcare attrition, particularly voluntary attrition, has been under-recorded. There is no reliable ongoing study in the United States or worldwide that offers statistics and information to healthcare providers about the problem at hand. A definitive lack of standardized methods of measuring attrition has led to healthcare providers and medical offices getting caught off-guard.

Upon the retirement or moving on of valued healthcare professionals like doctors and registered nurses, the lack of viable replacements available becomes a difficult reality. Healthcare attrition contributes to an increased workload and longer hours. Such increases result in a lowering of a medical office’s working conditions for a healthcare company’s remaining workforce. This directly leads to an overall lower quality of care and worse patient outcomes. Total HR strongly believes that such problems must be avoided at all costs. For the good of all the parties involved, healthcare providers need to succeed.

Recruitment and Selection = Antidote to Healthcare Attrition

As a professional employer organization (PEO), Total HR Management has a solution to this problem. Improving recruitment and selection techniques is key. When it comes to healthcare providers, recruitment and selection techniques need to be taken to the next level to address the healthcare attrition problem. Although Total HR includes a staffing agency option, this approach is not enough when it comes to healthcare attrition. Rather, the expert recruitment and selection services that we offer are needed. Through recruitment and selection, Total HR can help a medical provider access the very best experienced and qualified candidates in their area.

Total HR has found that an excellent tool for healthcare recruitment and selection is the implementation of a pre-employment assessment. The assessment results are based upon self-reported answers of the applicant. In some cases, his or her answers will not match what is best for a medical office. While interviews are subjective, pre-employment assessments are more objective. If implemented in the process prior to the interview, a recruitment and selection interview can be used to ask more specific questions. They help to guarantee the qualifications of applicants and make sure the needs of a medical office are met.

The challenge of healthcare attrition does not have to affect your medical office in the 21st century. Total HR understands if you are worried about the proverbial brain drain and your ability to access the right candidates. Our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry helps company clients find the best candidates for their organizations. We help foster win-win scenarios where healthcare job applicants are directed to positions that will enhance their careers and clients will only see applicants that fit their specific requirements. This saves a lot of time AND energy!

Total HR Management Can Help

As experts in recruitment and selection with a proven track record of accessing the very best candidates for our client companies, Total HR Management can help. To learn more about how we can help your healthcare company overcome the dangers of healthcare attrition, contact Total HR Management today. Please call (800) 975-5128 today to speak with an HR professional and access the help your small to mid-sized company needs.



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