The Positive PEO Benefits for Human Resources Management

In 2017, the positive PEO benefits for human resources management are becoming clearer to many small and midsize business owners. By working with a professional employer organization to improve HR services, companies gain access to better health, retirement and workers’ compensation benefits for their employees. Teaming with a PEO in a co-employment relationship allows employers to obtain greater control of their companies. Business owners can focus on doing the actual work of their companies instead of worrying about internal HR tasks that ultimately do not drive their bottom line.

Positive PEO Benefits = A Company’s Success

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Effective Human Resources = Success

After all, you did not start your company to provide HR services to your employees. No entrepreneur ever began a business to hire people and provide them with effective benefits administration and a great retirement package. Although such benefits administration and positive employee services help improve a company’s ability to recruit the very best talent in an industry, such an outcome was never the original goal. In truth, the original goal was, has been, and continues to be the business of your business. The very essence of positive PEO benefits is to allow a company to renew their focus on this original goal.

As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management has seen how long-term positive PEO benefits play out in our client companies. By outsourcing the headaches and bureaucratic challenges, our client companies have thrived. Free from the bureaucratic labyrinth of being trapped in the internal policies and external requirements of their business, they found the freedom to do what they do best. Such freedom should never be undervalued. It is the beating heart of business success.

A PEO Partnership That Works

Beyond outsourcing the HR-related services, a professional employer organization forms a partnership with client companies. By operating with a co-employment arrangement, the PEO takes on the annoying burdens of running a business in the modern world. Without question, businesses maintain control over their employees under this partnership. What changes is that the PEO shares the risk and liability while focusing on compliance and regulatory issues. Also, a professional employer organization often becomes a client company’s payroll provider as well by handling the administration of payroll and benefits.

For a co-employment arrangement to work fully, there needs to be a true partnership between a client company and a PEO services provider. Although many companies resist such a partnership, the positive PEO benefits greatly outweigh and transcend their initial concerns. Companies that partner with a PEO almost always experience lower group insurance costs and workers’ compensation discounts. Also, a lower state unemployment insurance (SUI) rate is accessed as well. Such a rate is available to client companies because their employees are listed under the PEO’s federal ID number for payroll purposes.

Across the board, there is an undeniable bonus for small and midsize companies when they partner with a PEO. By becoming part of the greater employee pool that consists of the totality of all the PEO’s client companies and their employees, small and midsize businesses access much greater negotiating power. Suddenly, available benefits packages and additional HR service options are comparable with what is being offered at a Fortune 500 company. The co-employment relationship opens the door to lasting PEO benefits.

Total HR Management and PEO Benefits

What is so great is that such PEO benefits are more than just overcoming the bureaucratic headaches of the HR needs of any modern company. When combined with the power of the employee pool offered by a professional employer organization, PEO benefits save both time and money. PEO providers can help you understand the PEO benefits by doing an HR audit for your company and examining the specifics of what your business needs.

As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management believes in offering a tailored package of PRO service options.  If you want to know more about how working with a professional employer organization can help your company, the HR managers at Total HR Management can help. Please contact us today by calling (800) 975-5128 today to access the PEO benefits and HR services your company needs.


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