5 Key Differences Between Modern HR Management Of Employees And Old-Fashioned Personnel Management

Effective HR management of employees is a modern version of what used to be called personnel management. Although there are overlaps between HR management of employees and personnel management, there are some differences and definitive improvements that need to be recognized.

Modern HR Management Benefits:

1. Traditional personnel management focused on personnel administration and basic labor relation issues. In contrast, the HR management of employees is more diverse, focusing on recruitment and selection into the workplace; ongoing motivation and morale in the workplace; and the maintenance of benefits administration and insurance requirements like EPLI for managers and their employees in the workplace. Modern HR management in the form of PEO options offers a wide range of potential services.

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Modern HR Management Delivers Results

2. Under traditional personnel management, employees are provided with less training and development opportunities. Although it is important to keep employees happy, it also is just as important from this old-fashioned perspective to keep them in their place. Under HR management of employees, training and development opportunities are employed to maximize employee productivity and effectiveness. Rather than install an artificial glass ceiling, the ultimate potential of each employee is gauged, then fitted to a position that takes full advantage of their talents and ongoing evolution.

3. In traditional personnel management perspectives, employees are expected to know what is allowed and what is not allowed in a workplace. Any problems can be navigated once they arise. In the HR management of employees, employee handbooks are distributed that provide specific guidelines in terms of behavior and expectations. Rather than allow problems to arise, a professional employer organization takes advantage of an extensive track record of experience to address challenges and issues in advance before they reach the actual point of being real problems in the workplace.

Employee Handbooks & Modern HR Management

4. Traditional personnel management focuses on increasing production while keeping employees satisfied and moving forward from an external perspective. The modern HR management of employees helps to hit the mark of a company’s productivity and profitability benchmarks by fostering a supportive workplace culture that promotes effective strategies across the board. Rather than just focus on the surface, modern HR management makes sure that problems are not being generated from dissatisfaction within by fostering employee feedback mechanisms and giving managers effective methods to keep track of a company’s internal temperature.

5. In traditional companies, personnel management is a routine function that covers the same bases, year in and year out without external engagement. Human resources management is a strategic function that keeps track of external innovation and technological advancement, making sure that the HR management of employees remains up-to-date with a definitive awareness of the latest cost-saving and productivity-improving resources.

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