How A PEO Can Help Reduce Managerial Stress

Is it surprising that managerial stress is a growing problem in the American workplace? After all, in today’s high-paced economy, managers are asked to carry bigger and more diverse workloads than ever before. As a result, managerial stress is burning out many top executives and hurting the bottom lines of some companies. Under stress, a normally calm and logical manager can quickly become agitated and irrational.

According to a workplace stress poll conducted by, 42% of respondents in the United States have left a job due to an overly stressful environment while workplace stress has also caused an additional 35% to consider changing jobs. Moreover, 57% of respondents said that workplace stress negatively affects their personal lives. What’s even more disturbing is that this poll was done several years ago. Today, the numbers have increased as the situation has gotten worse.

Managerial Stress A National Problem

managerial stress

Managerial Stress Is A National Challenge

Although most studies focus on employee stress, managerial stress is a growing problem that affects the bottom lines of many companies. As a professional employer organization (PEO), Total HR Management has seen the wear and tear of managerial stress on our client companies.

One of the goals of a PEO is to help reduce managerial stress by allowing executives to work on the business as opposed to in their business. By taking over key HR service functions, we provide the support needed to reduce stress and focus on what’s important.

If managerial stress is a problem in your company, here are some fundamental strategies that can help bring about a positive resolution:

1. Identify Managerial Stress

Once an executive realizes that managerial stress has become problematic, it’s important to identify the source of the stress. By identifying the stressors, a manager can develop a plan to reduce the problem. By working with a PEO, managers access third-party insight that is safe and invested in the company’s success. At Total HR, our human resources professionals often have been able to cut through the fog to identify HR problems that are contributing to managerial stress.

2. Prioritize The Profitable

For every successful manager, tasks need to be prioritized to make sure what is most important is being accomplished. Once again, an external perspective often can help. The HR professionals at Total HR Management support our client companies by providing feedback to the executives and managers.

We are present when we are needed, but we do the job without adding any distractions when we are not. The key to reducing managerial stress is making sure the most important duties come first. By no longer having to worry about the nuts and bolts of compliance issues and employee benefits administration, an executive can avoid managerial stress by focusing on what is most important — increasing profits and productivity.

3. Ask For Support When Needed

Total HR Management has worked with a wide variety of companies, and we have discovered some surprising realities that help reduce managerial stress for the most successful business owners and executives. Did you know that the most independent and visionary entrepreneurs tend to be the business owners that most rely on our services? Such entrepreneurs do not mind picking up the phone and asking for support when needed.

Indeed, they have learned from experience how to take advantage of the resources at hand. As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management is a valuable resource for our client companies. We help to reduce managerial stress by doing our job well. If a company owner needs a compliance question answered, if a crisis arises because an employee is injured on the job, we are one phone call away. Indeed, we are there for our clients when needed, thus reducing managerial stress.

Total HR Management Can Help

If you need help with the challenge of reducing managerial stress, you should contact Total HR Management today. Please call (800) 975-5128 today to learn more about our HR service options.



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