The Key Ingredients of Innovation and Utilization in a Digital Age (Part 1)

Innovation and utilization are needed for a company to continue to succeed in today’s competitive business world. In a digital age, the rise of new technologies has become an annual affair in many industries. Whether technological platforms are being updated or introduced, companies cannot compete without keeping ahead of the curve. Thus, your company needs to value innovation and utilization moving forward.

In this first part of a two-part blog, Total HR Management will explain why innovation by your employees and the utilization of new technologies is a combination that leads to digital age success. As a professional employer organization, we can help guide your company in the right direction. In the second part of this blog, we will detail the approaches a company needs to take to make this happen.

Staying Ahead In A Digital Age

innovation and utilization

Innovation and Utilization of Modern Technology

In the past, companies could use the same technologies for dozens of years, if not for an entire lifetime of an employee. Since the basic practices of many industries were set in stone, the actual process of how the work was done and marketed rarely altered. If they did change, such changes often happened slowly so employees would be able to adapt. By keeping to a basic formula, a company could remain productive and profitable, both for today and in the future.

When you consider how quickly this model has changed with, first, the rapid rise of computer hardware and the personal computer, second, the software revolution, and, now, third, the supremacy of the Internet, it is not surprising that so many older company owners and executives feel overwhelmed. Within each of these massive paradigm shifts, from the IBM model to the Microsoft model to the Google model, there have been countless introductions of and updates to these new technologies.

However, the Internet truly shifted the old business model into hyper mode. Indeed, nothing has changed the fabric of business faster than the incredible connectivity of the online marketplace and easy information exchange.

Adaptability Is Essential

Total HR Management advises our client companies to take a deep breath and embrace the confidence that everything will work itself out. Although the digital age requires much faster responses to technological changes, employees also have been primed to adapt at this pace. Moreover, younger employees have grown up in this world, thus revealing the unique advantage of hiring employees from both the Millennials and Generation Z. Indeed, even Generation X employees grew up with Atari consoles and Macintosh computers. They have been part of this revolution since the beginning.

Through adaptability, your company can stay ahead of this laser-fast learning curve. By working with people comfortable with such changing processes, you can balance out the old with the new. Indeed, new perspectives will help your company remain competitive. The key is to utilize capable employees that are comfortable with innovation.

Total HR Management Can Help

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