Three Simple Steps to Improving Company Culture

Do you remember when company culture was seen as one more trend that would blow over like the latest office fad? Many people are surprised today to see how firmly entrenched company culture has become in the business lexicon. Then again, perhaps this should not be so surprising. The proof is in the pudding: Dedicated focus by managers and executives on improving company culture achieves actual results.

How to Improve Company Culture

company culture

Three Steps to Improving Company Culture

As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management understands the importance of a strong company culture. Indeed, such a company culture can lead directly to higher productivity and increased profit margins. After all, happy employees tend to accomplish more on the job and in the office. As a result, improving company culture makes sense.

Below, we outline three basic strategies that can be taken today to improve company culture. The goal of these simple steps is to improve company culture both in the short and long term. By implementing these steps, you can increase the bottom line and improve employee morale at the same time. Now that’s certainly a win-win that we’re all looking to achieve.

Three Steps to Improve Company Culture

1) Communicate Purpose and Passion to Foster Investment

Purpose and passion are not empty words when put into practice. In truth, they are the root behind all great successes. If you look at the history of American business and industry, the legendary entrepreneurs and innovators like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs were filled with a sincere enthusiasm for what they did and how they did it. As a business owner, you need to communicate that same purpose and passion to your employees.

Ultimately, such communication fosters investment in the workplace. Give your employees the opportunity to see that their work makes an impact. Purpose-driven employees find their jobs to be truly meaningful. Moreover, your industry is not the issue. Honestly, there are no “purpose professions.” Instead, employees are inspired to find purpose in their work.

2) Promote a Team Atmosphere of Positive Teamwork

According to experts in human nature and motivation, everyone wants to be a member of a team. Indeed, we have known this simple fact since we were kids and were introduced to team sports. Team members see themselves as being part of something. In business, that something is your company. In contrast, individuals see themselves as separate from each other and tend to look out for their interests first.

By creating a team atmosphere in the workplace, you foster a supportive atmosphere of “One for all and all for one.” The question isn’t about who gets credit for success, but the success of the entire team as a whole. If your employees can avoid silos and pull in one direction, it will make an enormous difference. A team atmosphere promotes the success of the company as a whole.

3) Embrace Transparency in the Workplace

Transparency is a positive that has positive and lasting ramifications on every level of business. Not only does it help your employees; it also will help your business as a whole as well.  Employees that are given an unfiltered look into a company’s operations and future become invested. Like you, your employees know when they hear the truth or one more line of bullshit.

Transparency gives employees a voice and should be the foundation of company culture. Transparency can be achieved by implementing modern communication and collaboration tools. Indeed, by creating online feedback mechanisms and real-time cloud updating procedures, your company can keep everyone in the loop. By seeing the big picture, your employees will believe in the worth and value of their work.

Finally, embracing transparency means sharing both success and challenges. By letting employees know the successes of your business and what is working well in the macrocosm, you give value and meaning to their microcosm. Sharing success is a significant motivation boost for employees and helps to build morale.

At the same time, you need to share the challenges being faced by the company. If the greater marketplace has become more competitive, let your employees know what is happening. By sharing the challenges, your company faces, you open up the possibility for your team to offer a truly innovative that you may never have considered. When it comes to solving complex challenges, being transparent with employees can lead to a greater sense of investment in your company.  Such investment helps boost your company culture and improves your business model.

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