The Challenge Of The Hiring Process For Small Business Owners

All aspects of the hiring process, from recruitment and selection to onboarding, are more challenging for small business owners. Unlike big corporations and even mid-sized companies, small business owners lack the workforce needed to optimize the hiring process. As a result, working with a professional employer organization allows a small business owner to improve the hiring process while receiving many additional benefits as well.

Small Businesses and The Hiring Process

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Small Business Hiring Process

According to recent research, an impressive number of new employees in the United States in the past year were hired by small businesses. Over 45% of new hires were the result of small businesses growing and evolving. Such a statistic places the importance of small business owners to the American economy in proper perspective. As a professional employer organization (PEO), Total HR Management is proud to help small businesses nationwide improve their staffing, hiring, and recruitment and selection capabilities.

Still, despite this remarkable growth, small business owners face many challenges when it comes to hiring. Compared to a majority of mid-sized businesses and practically all large corporations, it’s much harder for small businesses to handle hiring responsibilities. When any business needs to hire new employees, the HR challenges can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming. Rather than lose a night’s sleep over the potential cost, your small business might discover that working with a professional employer organization is the sensible solution.

Hiring Process Challenges for Small Business Owners

Beyond HR regulatory challenges brought on by a combination of federal and state laws, hiring is expensive. Although a small business can hire a recruiter to find the best candidates or pay for advertising, the cost tends to be more than the available budget. Moreover, accessing the available talent and raising awareness of a potential job opening is just the first step. There are a lot more responsibilities to come.

First, a good job offering can lead to a flood of resumés. If you recruit correctly, then selection can be a major challenge.  Do you have the time to spend sifting that flood of resumés, then arranging interviews with the best candidates?

The simple truth for the vast majority of small businesses is that there is no person on staff adequately trained in HR best practices. Lacking HR experience and an understanding of employment law, the hiring process can be awkward at best and even threaten the security of your company at worst. In truth, not taking the time to hire correctly opens the door to unnecessary difficulties.

Beyond the challenge of recruitment and selection, onboarding employees is far from a polished hiring process for most small companies. Even when you find the right candidate, your small company probably lacks a systematic and efficient process to bring on a new hire. If the top talent experiences such initial disorganization, they might not follow through with the hiring process. The last thing a small company needs is to lose a great recruit and potential new employee for such avoidable reasons.

Transforming A Difficult Hiring Process

Total HR Management sympathizes with small business owners when they face the difficulty of the hiring process. There is no reason why recruitment and selection should be so hard. Once hired, a new employee should be on-boarded quickly, then positively acclimated to your organization and the company culture. Moreover, HR fines and lawsuits can be avoided if a small business owner is willing to work with a professional employer organization. As a co-employer, we take on the challenging HR tasks while allowing you to do what you do best: grow the business of your business.

By working with a PEO like Total HR Management, the hiring process becomes a real positive asset for your business. From recruiting to onboarding, we have best practices in place to help your business. Efficient and cost-effective, a PEO can also offer your employees outstanding benefits that compete with the largest corporations in America. Such benefit offerings help with recruitment and selection by becoming a lure to top talent. In your business, the top talent wants the perks of a large corporation combined with the freedom of a small company. We can help make this happen.

Total HR Management Can Help

To learn more about how Total HR Management can optimize your small company’s hiring process, please contact us today. Take the first step to optimizing your small company’s hiring process and call (800) 975-5128 today to set-up an HR audit.


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