3 Strategies For Making High Employee Performance An Integral Part Of Your Company Culture

As a manager or executive, you want to make high employee performance an ongoing part of your company’s culture. By fostering high employee performance, the return on the effort involved is manifold.  When your employees perform at a high level, your bottom line increases and your company grows. Moreover, when employees experience such positive performance results, they tend to be happier with their jobs. Across the board, high employee performance is a bonus for everyone.

Fostering High Employee Performance

high employee performance

Fostering High Employee Performance

As a professional employer organization (PEO), Total HR Management knows the importance of high employee performance. Many of our client companies look for such employees in the recruitment and selection process. When it comes to staffing and hiring new employees, you hope to find an employee that will perform at a high level. Nevertheless, if such high employee performance is not supported by your company’s culture, it very well could fall by the wayside. Thus, you need to make high employee performance an integral part of that culture.

Below are three strategies that can be used by managers and executives to foster the values and the ongoing motivation that help employees succeed. After all, high employee performance ultimately is about success. By creating a company culture that motivates employee while helping them to succeed, you will be helping your company

Three High Employee Performance Strategies

1) Take Advantage of Experience

By making employees part of the performance process, you take advantage of the experience of your employees. Often the difference between high employee performance and run-of-the-mill employee performance is a lack of experience. By letting employees in on the process, you allow them to share their experience and help their fellow employees succeed. They need to give and receive feedback about performance because they have the experience required to overcome hurdles and obstacles.

For example, a barrier to high performance can be overcomplicating work processes. More experienced employees might have learned how to simplify work processes. When it makes good business sense, such simplification can generate and maintain high employee performance. A key element of high employee performance is moving beyond the bureaucracy of the office and into the actual work that results in productivity and profit.

2) Emphasize Coaching

The second strategy actually goes hand-in-hand with the first. Your company can help managers by training them in how to coach employee for success. Such training can institutionalize employee coaching and empower managers. Once trained, managers also need how to show employees how to coach each other. Once again, this is taking advantage of a wealth of experience.

Most importantly, coaching should not be only focused on an employee performing poorly. Although poor performance requires coaching, it should be the exception and not the rule. Rather, managers can foster a high performance level by praising employees doing well and showing them how they can do even better. The best coaching builds on success by teaching methods to bring about even greater success. Such a strategy is a true win-win because it works for everyone involved.

3) Access the Latest Technology

When it comes to technology in the 21st century, you company needs to stay on the cutting edge. You can help generate high employee performance by providing your employees with the latest in your industry’s technological breakthroughs. Such technological breakthroughs are the tools of high employee performance.

At the same time, please don’t only provide them with the latest technology. In addition, you need to provide employees with the training needed to use that technology well. A barrier to high employee performance is when employees pretend to know that they know what they’re doing with cutting edge tech. Training removed this problem by making sure that they really do know what they’re doing.

Total HR Management Can Help

It is natural to want high performance from your employees. Wanting, however, is not the same as creating a company culture that fosters high employee performance. To learn more about fostering high employee performance, please contact Total HR Management today. Call (800) 975-5128 today to access the help your company needs to succeed.



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