Five Characteristics Of Team Players And Coachable Employees

In today’s challenging economy, it is important to have employees who are team players and willing to learn from their more experienced managers. Total HR Management helps our client companies with the recruitment and selection process when they are hiring. In addition, our Senior HR Managers help clients by advising them on how to manage effectively and make sure they offer programs that keep their most valuable team players in place.

Team Players & The HR Puzzle

Team Players Work Together

Whenever we discuss the question of employees with clients, Total HR Management fosters the ideal of talented team players and coachable employees. Such employees are open to being managed as they grow within a company. Here are five basic characteristics to look for in potential employees who will be coachable team players.



These Five Characteristics Can Be Used As Diagnostic Tool:

1. Committed to Change

An employee should never think they are perfect. People who are open to change and wants to improve are coachable at essence. If they are willing to step outside of their comfort zones to try new things and take on new tasks, this is a sign of a team player.

2. Open to Constructive Criticism

An employee should not only appear to listen when a manager gives them constructive criticism. Since a manager’s time is valuable, it is essential that they really hear what is being said without becoming defensive or making excuses. If they ask questions about the feedback so they can effectively incorporate the information given, it is a good sign of a team player.

3. Open About Themselves

A coachable employee is willing to discuss skill gaps that could be blocking their professional development but are uncomfortable to discuss. By letting a manager know what they don’t know that could be hurting their job performance, employees reveal themselves to be team players.

4. Appreciate New Perspectives And New Developments.

All businesses evolve and all industries change, often leading to new perspectives and new developments that an employee may be reluctant to embrace. An employee who is reluctant to adapt to the evolution of the business environment is problematic. A coachable team player should be willing to accept any updates and changes affecting the workplace.

5. Awareness About How Their Actions Impact Others

Coachable employees already have a fair amount of awareness about themselves. What is equally important is the ability to reflect on their own behavior and see how their actions impact other people in the workplace and the company as a whole. A team player is able to see and value both the microcosm of their own lives and the macrocosm of the company as a whole.

Although these characteristics appear to be quite general in nature, they are very easy to apply to any work situation and to specific employees, particularly when a manager has a history of working with them. The goal of Total HR Management is to give our clients the diagnostic tools they need to optimize the performance level of their employees. By having a workplace characterized by team players and coachable people, a manager will ensure the future productivity and profitability of their company.

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