Twelve 2018 HR Trends To Help Your Company (Part 2)

In part one of this three-part article, the first four essential 2018 HR trends were detailed. Such trends are important to follow and potentially implement to ensure the ongoing health of your company. Every year, Total HR Management provides a year-end list of HR trends for the coming year. Beyond helping us provide quality service for our company clients, being aware of the 2018 HR trends helps us to stay a step ahead of the competition. As always, our goal as a professional employer organization (PEO) is to deliver needed services that are both useful and affordable for our client companies.

Given the rise in new technologies and the accelerated pace of the 21st-century economy, the single article of past years is being divided this year into three parts. In this second part, we examine four more 2018 HR trends. Since these trends are multi-dimensional and cover a wide range of human resources optimization, employee administration, and workplace management, they can help broaden your awareness of the current business climate. Moreover, such 2018 HR trends might also include updates that are just what your company needs to continue to succeed.

Twelve 2018 HR Trends (5-8)

5) A Blended Workforce Beyond Full-Time Employees

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2018 HR Trends = Sustainable Success

A blended workforce is a workforce that is not limited to and defined by only full-time employees. A recent survey by Fieldglass Vendor Management Systems revealed that on the average, a company’s workforce in the United States is made up of 54% of full-time employees, 20% of freelancers, interns or contractors, and 26% of part-timers or remote workers. As a result, a blended workforce beyond just full-time employees is one of the most important of the 2018 HR trends. Given the healthcare challenges of the Affordable Care Act, the use of freelancers and part-time employees is growing in prominence.

Beyond freelancers and part-time workers, consultants and contractors are becoming more and more common. Such a trend is referred to as a gig economy. Gig workers are now being blended into what was once seen as the traditional full-time workforce. Given the needs of new technologies and silos of expertise, job positions are becoming more flexible and even dynamic.

What once was covered by a single full-time job now often demands several kinds of diverse expertise beyond a single employee. Beyond the gig economy, such job demands can help employees access training and education opportunities to help them meet new job requirements and responsibilities.

6) Recruitment and Selection Becomes More Scientific

Given the informational opportunities provided by data science and new collection methods, the traditional interview process is undergoing serious revision. The new techniques offer the rare combination of making the recruitment and selection process both more candidate-friendly and more predictive as well. As seen in the previous article, recruitment chatbots use video interviewing to weed out candidates that don’t match with the specific needs of your company. Artificial intelligence helps to speed up and optimize the recruitment and selection process.

With new technologies, the headhunting of passive candidates has become more precise. Your team no longer has to sift through countless resumes on a career website. Social media has made getting in touch with candidates easier than ever before. Moreover, talent pools can now be identified by searching hashtags and employing other online research methods. By engaging passive candidates, your company can learn what they want and if they are a right fit for a specific position. Total HR Management has found that a more scientific approach to recruitment and selection makes this process that much easier.

7) Access Top Talent By Offering Unique Benefits

Many top companies from Google on down the line have found that offering unique benefits can attract top talent. For example, Americans spend over $60 billion on their pets each year. By offering pet insurance, you can become a magnet for the many pet lovers in your industry. Another example is connecting wellness to benefits administration. As discussed in the previous article, by offering wellness benefits both in and out of the office, you show an employee that you value their greater health goals.

Finally, figure out what unique benefits your company can offer its employees given your industry reach and ownership stakes. Of course, bigger companies can offer more, but you’d be surprised what will turn up if you are willing to look. You can follow the examples of bigger companies like employees of Quicken Loans getting free access to events happening at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Moreover, smaller companies like Los Angeles-based Konnect PR attract top talent by offering financial assistance for employee classes and other educational interests.

8) Employing a Consumer Experience Mindset for Staffing

A significant staffing 2018 HR trend is taking a customer experience mindset approach to the recruitment and selection process. How can your company mirror the best experiences that employees have had in previous organizations? What do your current employees like and dislike? Are you using that information to optimize the employee experience and take it to the next level of excellence? A major way to tune into the consumer experience mindset of potential employees is through social media. Never before have employers been able to access such valuable data about the likes and dislikes of potential employees.

Although social media should not be used to make hiring decisions, it can be used to improve workplace conditions. Also, social media use needs to be carefully documented with a clear policy worked out in advance. Total HR can help with such a policy.

2018 HR Trends = The Future Success of Your Company

By knowing 2018 HR trends, you can ensure that your company continues on the right course. In the third part of this article, we will examine the next four 2018 HR trends. However, you can help your company today. Take the first step and call (800) 975-5128. Our goal for your company is sustainable success that both works and makes financial sense.


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