Three Easy Ways To Optimize Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are easier today to institute than they have ever been before. Given the technological capabilities of the internet, the electronic age has added flexibility to employee surveys while helping to guarantee privacy and security. By being able to conduct employee surveys online, the information also can be quickly compiled and examine.

As a professional employer organization (PEO), Total HR Management understands that using employee surveys helps our client companies to retain the top talent while catching issues before they become problems.

The Flexibility of Employee Surveys

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Optimizing Employee Surveys Today

Since employee surveys are only as effective as their design, a company needs to keep the employee survey development process open to revision. The questions need to reflect the goals and vision of the company as a whole while also covering the specific needs of the individual employee. Also, a survey should be focused and easy to complete.

Longer surveys tend to provide less value because employees rush through them. For example, you might want to survey employees about healthcare options and health benefits. Instead of one long survey, you could do a series of smaller surveys on the different types of coverage, including, medical, dental, and prescriptions.

Avoiding Employee Survey Fatigue

If your company is going to improve the value proposition of employee surveys, you need to avoid employee survey fatigue. Below are three easy ways that you can improve employee surveys to the point where the process is considered a positive by your employees.

1) Explain Why Employee Surveys Matter

The role of employee surveys should first be explained during employee orientation. Let your employees know right away that their input is important and will be required. By letting employees know that you are going to ask for their feedback, they will be prepared to make the employee survey process part of their work routine. Moreover, on a regular basis, explain why employee surveys are valuable to your company.

2) Integrate Employee Surveys into the Work Calendar

By integrating employee surveys into your monthly work calendar, you guarantee that employees keeping up with what’s going on in the business will not be caught off-guard. By having a calendar and planning employee surveys, you will avoid scheduling problems as well. Busy times of the year are not the right times for employee surveys. For example, if you are an accounting business, employee surveys probably should not be distributed during tax season.

3) Share the Results of Employee Surveys

Employee surveys that kept under wraps all the time can lead to resentment and frustration. Let your employee know some of the results and how it affects them and the company as a whole. By sharing the results and emphasizing the positive, you build your team while raising employee morale.

Total HR Management Can Help

By following the easy guidelines outlined above, you can improve employee surveys and make them an ongoing asset for your company. To learn more about how the HR professionals at Total HR Management can help, please call (800) 975-5128 to schedule a consultation today.


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