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Greater Competition In 2016 Means Tougher Recruitment And Selection Challenges

Are you ready for tougher recruitment and selection challenges in 2016? Due to a rebounding economy, companies are facing much greater competition for top-flight talent. Labor market research shows that recruiting difficulties are now at pre-recession levels. In response, companies are being forced to become more creative. As noted experts in recruitment and selection, Total HR Management offers strategies for overcoming these recruitment and selection challenges.

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Employers Face The Ongoing Challenge of Social Media In 2016

Are you ready to deal with the ongoing challenge of social media in the workplace? Effectively managing the risks and rewards of social media is one of the biggest HR challenges your company faces today. Although many companies have found novel ways to use social media to recruit outstanding talent and manage their global brands, the potential negatives are just as important to recognize as well. While the upside can be significant, without the proper policies and safeguards in place, the positives can quickly deteriorate into a significant organizational liability.

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