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10 Ways To Refine Job Descriptions To Improve Recruitment

Did you know that a major 2016 hiring trend according to recruitment and selection professionals is the refining of job descriptions to help your company land the best candidates? Initially interested, many job candidates will pass on a job after reading poorly written job descriptions. A dull job description makes a good potential employee pass on the position.

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How A PEO Helps With EPLI Coverage And The Challenge Of Ongoing Compliance

Do you know how a professional employer organization can help your company with EPLI coverage and the challenge of ongoing compliance? Commonly referred to as EPLI coverage, Employment Practices Liability Insurance is additional insurance coverage a company can use to protect the business from lawsuits brought on by a former, current or even future employee. As part of our compliance series where we detail such challenges, Total HR Management demonstrates why your company should work with a PEO.

Importance of EPLI Coverage

In a time when entitled employees are looking for reasons to file lawsuits, EPLI Coverage is more important than ever. It allows you to sleep at night, knowing your company is safe. Total HR Management has seen several successful businesses damaged beyond repair when employee lawsuits came without the safety net of EPLI coverage. The goal of effective human resources management is to avoid such unnecessary damage.

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Total HR Management Recognized As ESAC Accredited Professional Employer Organization At NAPEO Conference

In Phoenix at the NAPEO conference, Total HR Management was officially recognized as an ESAC accredited PEO. Cana Tighe, the COO of Total HR Management and the head of the New York office, proudly accepted the award. The recognition by NAPEO is an affirmation of the quality performance that Total HR Management supplies as a human resources outsourcing services provider.

ESAC Accreditation for Total HR Management

ESAC, NAPEO, Cana Tigher

Cana Tighe Accepts ESAC Accreditation for Total HR

Responding to the needs of its membership, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations instituted a strategic plan to promote the financial, operational, and ethical performance practices sought by consumer and regulators. The Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) is similar to the assurances offered by FDIC for the banking industry. ESAC accreditation includes $15 million in surety bond coverage as financial assurance for clients and employees of accredited PEOs.

It is important to note that less than 10% of PEOs receive this accreditation. Total HR Management works hard to provide our clients with the highest quality in professional employer organization services. By achieving ESAC accreditation, the hard work for clients by Total HR Management is being recognized.

Professional Employer Organization Excellence

By verifying compliance with important industry practices and ensuring financial responsibility ESAC accreditation increase a PEO’s credibility, attracts more distinguishing clients, and dramatically increase client retention. An independent non-profit corporation, the Employer Services Assurance Corporation is managed by a board of directors that includes PEO industry attorneys, CPAs, and independent directors representing over 100 years of combined PEO industry regulatory experience. ESAC has been building trust for the PEO industry since 1995.

NAPEO endorses and strongly supports ESAC efforts to promote professional practices that address financial, operational, and ethical performance sought by PEO customers. A broad based Industry Advisory Council developed ESAC standards. Total HR Management is honored to have been recognized as an ESAC accredited professional employer organization. The accreditation is given only to the very best professional employer organizations that reflect the high standards of the ESAC.

Total HR Management = Reliable Business Success

As the Chief Executive Officer of Total HR Management and the head of the Southern California office, James Harwood attended the NAPEO conference in Arizona as well. He watched from the sidelines as Cana Tighe, the Chief Operating Officer of Total HR and his sister, accepted the award for the company. Like a supportive family that comes through for their clients, Total HR Management has developed a proven track record of providing the very best in professional employer organization services for companies across the country.

Five Reasons Why HR Outsourcing Makes Sense For Your Company

There are definitive reasons why HR outsourcing is chosen by so many small to mid-sized companies in today’s business environment. Rather than hear why Total HR Management believes your company should embrace the HR outsourcing PEO model, it makes sense to hear it from other business owners. After all, their business concerns and the challenges they have faced within their companies are a decent reflection of your own.

hr outsourcing

HR Outsourcing & Your Company

Helping Your Company

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of hundreds of companies about human resources management and HR outsourcing. You will see that what they discovered makes a lot of sense. Total HR Management want the opportunity to convince your executive team that HR outsourcing can save your company time and money.

Below are the five top reasons that companies outsource their human resources to a company like Total HR Management.

5 Principal Reasons To Choose HR Outsourcing

  1. 26% of companies outsource to save money, and this makes a lot of sense as well. What company doesn’t want to cut costs and increase profits by taking on a service that works?
  2. 23% of companies outsource to focus on strategy and business planning. Total HR Management helps our clients work on their business and not get lost in the administrative tasks of their business. Isn’t working on your business and for your clients the actual process that increases your profit margin?
  3. 22% of companies outsource to ensure compliance issues are covered. Since it is increasingly risky to not meet both state and federal requirements when it comes to compliance challenges across the board, outsourcing this risk is a smart choice that can help you avoid costly business headaches in the future.
  4. 18% of companies outsource to improve accuracy with payroll processing and benefits administration. By having a professional employer organization handle these HR functions, you no longer need to worry about all those distracting details.
  5. 18% of companies outsource due to a lack of experience in-house and a reluctance to pay the salary of a full-time HR manager. If you know your weaknesses, then you can optimize your strengths. Total HR Management knows you are the best at running your business. A big part of running a business is knowing when to hand off tasks that get in the way of the business of that business. Why allow the bureaucratic work, where you lack a necessary expertise, to consume tons of time.

HR Outsourcing Makes Sense

As a professional employer organization and human resources outsourcing company, Total HR Management’s number one goal is to help our clients succeed. You need to avoid compliance issues, and we help accomplish that objective. You need to keep your employees happy and productive, and we provide the benefits administration and clear employee handbooks to make that a reality. You need to make sure your company is safe from lawsuits, and we help by providing the protection of EPLI administration.

Total HR Management Can Help

When you need help, we are a phone call away. Your dedicated HR manager will learn about your business, listen to your concerns and address your company’s needs. Such a high-level of service is why so many are embracing HR outsourcing in the 21st century. Please contact Total HR Management today to learn why a PEO or HR outsourcing makes sense for your company.

Two Reasons HR Outsourcing For Doctors & Medical Offices Makes Sense

Total HR Management has seen first-hand how HR outsourcing for doctors can save money and improve productivity in medical offices. With so many regulatory burdens and office challenges on their plates, HR outsourcing allows doctors to get out of the front office. HR outsourcing for doctors helps them return to their number one goal of providing great treatment for their patients.

HR Outsourcing for Doctors

Two strong reasons for medical offices to outsource their human resources or join in a co-employment relationship with a professional employer organization (PEO) are as follows:

  1.  Administrative Burdens

  2.  Staff Retention & Recruitment

Why HR Outsourcing For Doctors Makes Sense


1) Administrative Burdens

hr outsourcing for doctors

HR Outsourcing For Doctors Reduces Costs

Treating their patients rarely burns out doctors. In fact, delivering patient care is what doctors tend to do best and providing such treatment is often restorative in nature. When it comes to professional burnout, it’s often the busy work of the front office that causes the biggest problem. HR outsourcing for doctors can be the answer to this issue.

Many physicians say mounting paperwork is keeping them from spending enough time with patients. In The Practice Profitability Index, the percentage of physicians who spend more than one day per week on administration increased from 58% in 2013 to 70% in 2014. A co-employment relationship with a PEO or the tailored outsourcing of HR functions can solve this problem.

From payroll processing to benefits administration, Total HR Management helps our client doctors with medical offices reduce the administrative burden. At Total HR, we can analyze the specific administrative needs of your medical office. Our goal is to offer a tailored package when it comes to HR outsourcing for doctors that saves a medical office both time and money.

2) Staff Retention & Recruitment

As more insurance companies embrace value-based payment models, there is an increased emphasis on effective team-based medicine. As a direct result, recruiting and retaining quality staff members in a medical office has become critical to practice success. Still, recruiting and retaining top talent continues to be a challenge for many medical practices.

Staff turnover can be a significant drain on both practice revenue and resources, particularly in the front office and with support staff. The Center for American Progress estimates that for workers earning less than $50,000 annually, it will cost employers approximately 20% of that employee’s salary to find a replacement. Addressing workplace issues that seem minimal to you can go a long way. Of course, pay must remain competitive. This is why HR outsourcing for doctors makes so much sense.

At Total HR Management, we are experts at recruitment and selection. Partnered with our own staffing agency, we are able to provide great options across the staffing board from front office staff to treatment professionals. Through the use of a proprietary method to benchmark skill sets, position requirements and desired traits, successful hires for your company are matched not only to the jobs, but to the overall sensibility of your company as well. Our ongoing goal is to find out exactly what your medical office needs and find a fit that works long-term.

In terms of staff retention, Total HR helps by providing clear office handbooks, EPLI training and coverage, and quality benefits administration. We have come to learn that the best way to retain an employee is not only to make them happy. It truly helps to make sure the office environment is positive and secure.

Total HR Management Can Help

If you are a medical professional looking to relieve your administrative burden while keeping your star employees in place, please contact Total HR Management by calling (800) 975-5128 for a free consultation about HR outsourcing for doctors. Give us the opportunity to show you how we can save your medical office both time and money, improving your practice.

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