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When your company is just starting out or making the decision to grow deciding to expand to the next level of success, a common misconception is to believe that Human Resources are an expendable part of your business plan in the business pie chart. As a company owner, you think that HR expenses can be avoided without causing too much overall disruption or damage to your profit margin. It is easy to make such a mistake when you are a start-up or a growing company, but you may want to reconsider your perspective and think differently. The effective management of human resources can improve your bottom line.

Start-up and growing companies need to focus their time and resources on building markets and not HR departments. The distraction of dealing with the challenges of human resources can drain valuable energy.
Luckily, Total HR has an answer that will work for you, and help take your company to the next level while ensuring that your human resources function is managed professionally. By outsourcing your HR function and aligning your strategies with the consistent and reliable HR practices provided by Total HR, you can take your company to the next level of productivity and profitability. You can achieve the success that you have envisioned.
Total HR provides what your company needs in a customized and flexible package designed to address the specific human resources challenges that your firm faces.

By consolidating your HR vendors into a single source and adding a certified HR manager to your team you can meet the demands of your investors and be able to attract the talent you need for continued growth. You gain access to critical resources that strengthen the long term competitive position of your company, including

  • An exceptional EPLI Insurance Policy that ensures the future safety and profitability of your company as it continues to grow.
  • Strategic HR Consulting so you have the benefit of HR expertise without having to have an internal HR department.
  • Recruiting support so you can find and hire the very best workers in your field without being overwhelmed by time-consuming interviews and background checks.
  • Big Company Style Benefits Programs

As your HR partner, Total HR becomes an integral part of your growth planning, helping your business attract and retain key employees and providing an objective voice with consistent feedback when needed in your decision-making processes. In addition, through the institution of higher quality hiring and firing decisions, Total HR helps you create a company culture of performance and accountability.
If you own or run a start-up or emerging company and you want to learn more, call us today. Total HR understands the challenges of starting or expanding a business and we are ready to give you the edge you need to succeed.
By building your HR function from the start and having strong systems in place, you discover the freedom to focus on building your business.

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